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Jan 01.7

Fan Art Hall of Fame

Posted In: Community >> LUSH Life

We’ve got the best fans out there, including some very creative people who express their enthusiasm for LUSH through art work and loving letters. We wanted to let you know that we appreciate your passion and love looking at photos of your LUSH-inspired drawings, paintings, jewelry, stationary and more!

Keep submitting your artwork and love letters to, then look for them to be featured in the LUSH Times catalogue under Customer Corner (usually on page two or three), on our social media channels (find them all below) and here on our blog.

We’ve had some amazing submissions lately and we wanted to feature them here for you to enjoy. Thank you so much for sharing your LUSH love!


Fiona posted this photo of notebooks she made from old LUSH Times catalogues on our LUSH Cosmetics Facebook wall. She writes, “Seeing as school was starting soon, I made my paper mache LUSH notebooks using pages... that I believe in, some hemp, some old loose leaf and some cardboard I found in the recycling bin. I can take the hemp out and add more pages whenever I need, so I’ll be using these for a while!”

We found this gem on our Facebook wall and will be featuring it in our upcoming LUSH Times. Molly writes “I'm a 14 year old from Portland, Oregon and a huge fan of Lush and all that you guys stand for! The bright colours and unique ideas of your products inspired me quite a bit, so I made a painting using a collage of the Fall 2013 catalogue and, well, here's what happened!”

We found this declaration of love made out of FUN on Instagram. Brittany tagged it with #hashtagsaredumbbutthissoaprules #lushfreshhandmadecosmetics, #livingthelushlife and #lushart.

When one of our Facebook fans posted a photo of their new phone case, we knew we had to share it. It’s from the Arts&Candies, an artist and designer who creates LUSH-inspired jewelry and more. She writes, “Don’t you just love a nice long soak in a bubble-filled LUSH bath? I know I do!”.

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