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Aug 08.20

Farewell, Retro! Meet your new LUSH loves

Posted In: Product Use

It’s official—our Retro collection will soon be leaving us. While parting with beloved products can be a little sad, look on the bright side: it’s the perfect opportunity to discover something new and equally delightful.

We’ve rounded up a few of your Retro favorites and made suggestions of products to try in their place. We don’t mean to brag, but we’re pretty fantastic matchmakers, and we’re pretty sure you’ll fall in love!

Do you crave the warm, spicy embrace of Fizzy O’ Therapy Bath Bomb to relax your tense muscles? Hottie Massage Bar may just be your next love. With warming ginger and black pepper oils, this spicy bar is made especially for overworked muscles—it’s even got a lovely bumpy texture that helps to smooth over knotted spots. Rub it directly over the skin and massage the spicy oils and smooth butters into sore muscles to feel instantly revived.

If you’re a fan of sudsing up with the earthy, emerald green Tramp shower gel, you’ll love our new Parsley Porridge soap. Made with all the herbal goodness we could fit into one bar, Parsley Porridge is loaded with a generous helping of fresh parsley leaves, tea tree and thyme oil. Its fresh, herbal aroma (with a hint of sandalwood for an earthy twist) and creamy lather will leave skin feeling fresh and smelling wonderful.

Is Coolaulin conditioner one of your haircare must-haves? Chances are, you love its super hydrating effects and its glorious coconut fragrance. With Coolaulin’s departure, American Cream conditioner is a fantastic choice: Its super hydrating base of honey water tames frizz and softens curls, while its rich vanilla-strawberry perfume will linger for hours in your hair.

Those who’ve fallen under Potion Lotion’s spell are always bewitched by the spicy carnation perfume and the way it leaves skin feeling incredibly silky. If you’ll be sad to bid Potion farewell, we’d suggest trying out our newly reformulated Charity Pot hand and body lotion. Coming in September, Charity Pot will have a brand new delicately floral perfume with notes of geranium and rosewood, plus Fair Trade cocoa butter and olive oil to soften parched skin.

If you’re a loyal patient of Dr. Peppermint Shampoo Bar, you probably enjoy the cool tingle of its intense peppermint formula. Try out New! Shampoo Bar: its tantalizing cinnamon-clove ways will create a tingly, refreshing sensation on the scalp as it deep-cleanses and refreshes. Your hair will be left feeling full, thick and incredibly shiny. Thanks New!

Don’t see your Retro must-have listed? Give our customer care team a call at 1-888-733-5874. They’ll be happy to help you find a new love to meet your needs.