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Jun 06.25

10 Fun Activities To Get You Outside This Summer

Posted In: LUSH Life

10 Fun Summer Activities

What are you doing to get outside this summer?

We’re making our list of activities for our long weekends, as well as ways to add some adventure to every day. Here are 10 fun things to do outside the next few months:

Take An Urban Hike 

Are you vacationing in a new city this year? Or do you just want to learn more about an interesting neighborhood in your area? Check out information about walking tours with local guides. Or you can make your own up using both map and guide book to chart a course that’s interesting to you. Walking a neighborhood reveals local gems totally missed otherwise!

Dine Al Fresca

The picnic snaps from our recent LUSH Travels contest made us swoon. Add in some dishes perfect for sharing, good friends, a bottle of wine (or two), and spend the evening lounging on a blanket in the park.

Hit The Street Fair  

Somewhere in your community, people are gathering outside this summer - for food, music, dancing, a parade, yoga in the park, Renaissance revivals, and all sorts of other celebrations outdoors. Do a local search and find out what your neighbors are up to. 

Get Airborne

While we might not all go paragliding to get out and enjoy some sunshine, you can create your own airborne adventure just by heading out an open clearing, the beach or the backyard with a kite and let it fly like the wind!

Make Hang Time With A Vertical Garden

Green up a wall, or liven up a boring fence with your own living wall. We also love the idea of creating a hanging room divider--with plants tumbling out both sides. Apartment Therapy has enough project suggestions and links to plan out your whole summer. Just leave yourself enough time to do other fun things too! 

Grab Some Melons

Hot summer days are meant to be spent on patios eating fresh watermelon and having seed spitting contests. (Watch out for pedestrians!) The current world record was set in 1989 and the winning distance was over 68 feet. You might have some practicing to do. 

To Play, Or Not to Play?

Summer is the season of outdoor music and theatre! Shakespearean productions are especially popular picks for viewing in Globe-inspired amphitheaters, as are other special productions in other open spaces by operas, symphonies, and performers of all kinds. Or, at home, roll out blankets and roast some marshmallows for an outdoor movie night playing “Shakespeare In Love” or another one of the Bard’s classics.

Pick Of The Crop

Why buy berries in the produce aisle when you can pluck them off the vine? Head out to the countryside for a lovely day trip full of sweet results, and if you can support local agriculture, all the better! Make the most of the summer crop with some delicious cobbler that evening, al fresco of course, and perhaps even a la mode?

Play Ball

Summer and baseball fit together like - well, a ball and a glove: meant for one another. Even if you don’t follow an official league, organizing a game among friends is a great way to spend a Saturday outside. Or, grab your rally cap and get a ticket to a local game and with your peanuts and Crackerjack, root for the home team.

Make Sidewalk Art

No matter how old you are, there's nothing more freeing than a lazy afternoon spent doodling and decorating your sidewalk. Forget conventions and restrictions and express yourself. Invite your neighbors big and small, create a hopscotch course, play tic-tac-toe, or recreate the Mona Lisa. When you're done you can leave it for everyone to enjoy, and the next time it rains it will be washed away.

Do any of these activities top your list of fun things to do outside this summer? We'd love to hear your suggestions. The summer is long and we want to make the most of it. Most importantly we want to have fun!