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Sep 09.2

Get the Look: Curly Hair

Posted In: How To >> Tips and Tricks

If you’ve got curly hair, chances are you’ve suffered from dried out, frizzed out locks at one time or another. Well, suffer no more! Tasha shares with us the secrets of her hair success and lets us in on what LUSH products she uses to keep her curls looking their best.

Name: Tasha

Active LUSHie for: 5 months-ish

Favorite LUSH hair product you can’t live without: Jungle Solid Conditioner

Please describe your hair.

My hair is short, curly and prone to serious dryness and frizz if I’m not careful. Some days it really has a mind of its own, but as long as I’m on top of it, I usually don’t have too many problems…except wind. Wind is my enemy.

How long does your daily routine take?

I’m not a fan of high maintenance. Once I’m out of the shower, it takes about 5 minutes to style my hair.

Tell us about your haircare routine.

I only wash my hair twice a week. Any more than that and it gets a weird squeaky feeling that makes it less manageable. I do, however, condition it with Jungle every time I shower, making sure to work it through completely. It’s the first thing I do when I get in the shower and it’s the last thing I wash out before I’m done. While it’s still wet, I work R&B through it from root to tip and then I curl my curls around my finger to reduce frizz – it really works! If you’ve got time, a quick twirl is a must to keep curls perfect all day! Then, I let it dry naturally.

What LUSH products do you use? Why?

Shampoo: I picked up Blousey a few months back and now I can’t stop using it. My hair doesn’t do well with harsher shampoos, and Blousey is perfect. Fresh bananas and moisturizing butters mean I never worry about my hair feeling stripped. It leaves it perfectly soft and smelling good enough to eat!

Conditioner: My house is never out of Jungle. I usually choose thicker conditioners because I like the way they moisturize, but it’s a fine balance, because too thick and my hair is flat. Jungle is perfect because it isn’t too heavy – and it’s no surprise that I love it; fresh bananas and avocados give it moisture, moisture, moisture!

Styling: My hair loves leave-in conditioners, like R&B. It’s the perfect finish that is softening and conditioning. I work it into wet hair, curl with my fingers and done!

Any other tips and tricks for your hair?

If I know it’s going to be a hot or windy day, I swap out R&B with Zeste. It’s a stronger hold, so my curls stay de-frizzed no matter where I go. Plus, just like R&B, I don’t use much so my hair doesn’t feel heavy.

Do you have a secret hair crush?

Pink. I love that she can do anything and everything to her hair and it just looks amazing. I’d love to be able to take a chance, but I fear change…and clowns.

Do you have a hair horror story?

Neither of my parents have hair like mine, so when I was a kid they had NO CLUE how to take care of it! My mom decided that a perm was the answer. That’s right – a. perm. On curly hair. I basically had a curly-haired mullet. Never again.

Thanks, Tasha! Want more tips and tricks to keep your hair healthy? Check out how to get the best look for short hair or stay tuned for our next installment for long hair folks!