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Aug 08.25

Get the Look: Short Hair

Posted In: How To >> Tips and Tricks

How do you keep your locks healthy? We sat down with Anton and got the lowdown on his crown. Short haired peeps, rejoice! Anton tells us all about his haircare routine and how he keeps his short hair strong, healthy and looking gorgeous.

LUSH Anton

Name: Anton

Active LUSHie for: 8 years and going strong

Favorite LUSH hair product you can’t live without: Retread

Please describe your hair.

My hair is short and coarse, and tends to be quite dry if left to its own devices! I also sometimes get psoriasis on my scalp.

Tell us about your haircare routine.

I avoid washing my hair every day because my scalp and my hair can’t handle that. I shampoo about twice a week but condition every time I take a shower: this thirsty hair needs all the moisture it can get!

How long does your daily routine take?

My hair’s pretty low maintenance; it takes about 5 minutes to fix it in the morning.

What LUSH products do you use? Why?

LUSH Blousey Shampoo

Shampoo: Blousey has been my go-to shampoo for the past few months. Not only does it smell incredible (sweet, floral and fruity…mmm), but the cocoa and cupuacu butters in it really help to keep my hair in good condition. (I also bring Godiva with me if I’m travelling! I love its sweet, heady perfume and how it helps to soften my hair.)

Conditioner: I’m obsessed with Retread, and have been for about eight years now. It has a beautiful cantaloupe-y fragrance and a gorgeous thick texture from the seaweed, olive oil and yogurt we put in there. Whenever I rinse it out, my hair is softer than soft and I smell delicious. (Happy Happy Joy Joy is another favorite!)

Styling: Zeste is my new favorite styling product! I like using it on dry hair for extra shine and flexible hold, and I think I’m getting addicted to its über fresh orange scent. On days that I want to change it up, I take a little R&B and smooth it through my hair, wet or dry. It also gives me shine and a wee bit of hold, but is a different texture from Zeste.

LUSH R&B leave-in conditioner

Any other tips and tricks to keep your hair healthy?

I use Superbalm occasionally when my psoriasis flares up, and it definitely helps to clear up my flakes and soothe my scalp! I don’t often use hair treatments because I keep my hair quite short, but Roots and Jasmine & Henna Fluff-Eaze are both beautiful products. I love the fresh minty tingle that Roots gives you, and Jasmine & Henna’s hair-softening properties and rich jasmine perfume are amazing.

Do you have a secret hair crush?

ANY boy with shaved sides and hair long enough to put into a samurai bun. My hair has driven me crazy whenever I’ve tried to grow it out…it’s just not a good look for me!

Do you have a hair horror story?

I once had a multi-colored (pink, blue, green and purple) streak in my hair that I was too negligent to maintain properly. However, R&B was an absolute lifesaver in helping me keep my hair look alive when it was most decidedly dead!

Thanks, Anton!

Have long or curly hair? Stay tuned, because we get an inside look at two more of our LUSHies (including yours truly), as they give us the lowdown on their favorite products for styling their hair.