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May 05.14

Get Your Glow On

Is your skin looking a little less than luminous these days?

Silk Stockings and Black Stockings are here to help! Moisturizing cocoa and Shea butters melt easily so the shimmery colors blend evenly—while gorgeous essential oils perfume the skin. This is the quickest way to amp up your color without hitting the beach—or coating your skin in color-changing chemicals.

Silk Stockings can even out naturally pinkish skin tones or act as a highlighter for skin with deeper pigments. Apply to the collarbone, décolletage, shins, or anywhere you want to draw the eye. It’s fantastic for a candle-lit setting! Scented with come-hither rose and jasmine, two of the most beloved perfume ingredients for inducing romance. No additional perfume required—unless desired.

Black Stockings has the most pigment to illuminate darker skin tones, or deepen pale skin for a just-back-from-Barbados look. This is one especially effective on bare legs to give them a smooth finish and a warm, sultry glow. The perfume has a spicy twist of pimento berry oil, cinnamon, and orange—creating a cozy feeling to cuddle into. Created with a Caribbean inspiration, this will have you looking and feeling ready for a sunny beach long before summer hits.

LUSH Solid Body Tints add a healthy dose of luxury for use every day. Try them on their own, or combined in layers to achieve an individual hue that’s right for you. However and whenever you use them, they’ll get you glowing.