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Feb 02.15

Perfume Prose: Inspired by Customers

Posted In: Gorilla Perfume

People often ask us where we find the inspiration to invent new products. Music, movies, and books are a source. Love, family, trials and tribulations. Food is almost always involved! But the truth is, you inspire us. Your unflagging commitment to telling us how you feel about our products is what keeps our creative juices flowing.

We recently posed a question to our a Facebook fans: How would you describe your favorite Gorilla Perfume? Brittney Poulson's description of Breath of God painted a beautiful picture for us, so we did the same in return.

"Breath of God is late fall nights sitting at a campfire. It's that warm feeling you get when your body is frozen but your insides are warm from a fresh cup of hot cocoa. Breath of God is that inhale of frost just before the peaks of morning, the dew on the tips of the grass. It's the clouds of breath you exhale as you gaze at the last lingering stars. It's home. It's feeling completely content with the world when the air is ice. It's s feeling at ease when the first few flakes of snow fall. It's crisp air flirting with your tired eyes. It gives your whole body a chill to the core, through the veins, and leaves you ever so satisfied, invigorated, and alive."

-Brittney Poulson