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Feb 02.9

Gorilla Perfume Volume II: Let's Get It On!

Volume II is the second round of perfumes being launched by our Gorilla Perfumers, the father and son team Mark and Simon Constantine. Inspired by ancient lore of the British countryside, tales of seduction, protective plants and beat poets, these perfumes are nothing like you've experienced before.

The Sun is an orange, tangerine and sandalwood oil blend, inspired by Mark's vision of a big orange sun on a lollipop stick. In the dead of winter, he reminisced about a road trip taken with friends in the middle of summer, driving down the New Jersey Turnpike to Cape May. Listening to Simon and Garfunkel croon "America", he flung open the doors to his fragrance cupboard and began recreating the happiness and contentedness of that warm, happy day.

The Voice of Reason is inspired by the generation of beat poets. It smells as is Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan and Jack Kerouac just walked past you and through a cellar door into a secret club. They are gone, and all you have is the faint scent of espresso, French cigarettes and whiskey swirling around you. Sandalwood and buddhawood soak into your skin, senses and soul.

Rose beats at the heart of the matter. Sikkim Girls is a scent of silent seduction. It is inspired by a Darjeeling café owner's tale of two women, the Sikkim Girls, who seduced his son-in-law with the subtle, sexual sway of their bodies. A blend of frangipani, jasmine, vanilla and tuberose conjures up exotic climes and heady possibilities.

Flower's Barrow is inspired by Simon's trip to an Iron Age hillfort, taken over by Romans who are now said to haunt the place. The ancient ruins have sunk into the sea, and nettles and brambles have taken over the land. Sage and thyme pull you back through the ages to times gone by. Ripe, bursting blackcurrant and sweet geranium are the tang of sea air and the wild plants that entwine against ancient stone.

A breathy, rose kiss will leave you charmed among the ruins; a sweet end to your encounter. At once familiar and strange, comforting and haunting, Gorilla Perfume will challenge everything you thought fragrance should and could be. Complex, deep and changing, these perfumes are the antidote to boring, mass-market scents.

Read more about all nine of our newest Gorilla Perfumes and buy them here, or stop by a shop and experience in person our truly revolutionary fragrances.