Nov 11.22

LUSH Guide to a Green-wrapped Christmas

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Being environmentally conscious is important all year, but being extra mindful around the holidays can save loads of waste from entering our landfills. During the holiday season, Americans throw away 25% more trash than the rest of the year—this amounts to an additional 1 million tons of waste entering landfills per week ( The good news? Being aware of the potential for extra waste is the first step to eliminating it. Since many of us will be giving gifts this year, and with packaging making up about 30% of household waste (, the power to go green this Christmas is in our hands! Here are some simple tips for reducing packaging waste this year:

Shop Smart

When shopping for pre-wrapped gifts, ask yourself: is the packaging reusable, or will it end up in the landfill? Look for packaging that’s not just attractive but functional too. Our LUSH hatboxes and tins not only contain fresh handmade inventions, but can be repurposed to store all sorts of goodies like recipe cards, jewelry or Christmas ornaments after the holidays.

Unwrapped is best

Consider giving a gift that doesn’t need any wrapping at all. Offering experiences like a weekend getaway or a home-cooked meal offer the opportunity to build relationships and create memories, not waste. To maintain the element of surprise, create a scavenger hunt that leads to a well-hidden ‘voucher’ on Christmas morning!

Reduce, Reuse, Rewrap

When wrapping up gifts at home, try using recycled or reusable materials like baskets or tins so the recipient can reuse them afterwards rather than throwing them out. For wrapping with paper, get creative with pages from your LUSH Times catalog (after you’ve read it of course!), old magazines, newspapers or maps. Not only will these recycled papers make for uniquely wrapped gifts, they’ll help to keep additional waste from entering landfills.


Why not wrap your gift up in a reusable tote bag? There are tons of beautifully designed and functional bags out there: check out local artisans, or pick up one of our organic cotton Fighting Animal Testing bags. The lucky recipient will receive two gifts in one!

Get Knotty

Try your hand at the Japanese art of furoshiki by creatively wrapping gifts in reusable cloth. Check out our Knot-Wraps: they’re made especially for wrapping and reusing! Each one is made from two recycled plastic bottles and can be used again and again for wrapping gifts, decorating at home, or even as an accessory. To learn some creative ways you or your gift recipient can reuse a Knot-Wrap, visit our YouTube channel.

Reducing waste isn’t just for the holidays. For even more tips on reducing waste all year long, visit United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Katy Cobb