Mar 03.9

Go Green for St. Patrick's Day

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St. Patrick's Day is coming up, and that means it's time to celebrate all things Irish and green.

There are plenty of ways to get into the Irish spirit, whether it's listening to Celtic music (or maybe some Van Morrison or The Pogues), learning to Riverdance (or some semblance of a jig), cooking up potatoes, cabbage and stew and of course, dressing in green. But for us LUSHies, it's no surprise that our favorite way to celebrate is in the tub. Shamrocks may bring good luck, but we've got just the right treats to bring good bathing fortunes.

A warm, fragrant bath makes us happier than a leprechaun who's found a pot of gold. So we'll be sure to start the day off right and have a beautiful green bath to launch us into the day. With fragrant lemongrass to wake up your mind and fresh avocado to soften skin, Avobath Bath Bomb is a perfect choice for morning bathing in festive waters. Pair it with a shimmering Sunnyside bubble bar and your bath will glitter with gold.

If you prefer soaking in mountains of fluffy bubbles, crumble up a Green Bubbleroon under running water and wake up to the scent of citrusy lime and orange oils. Floral fragrance lovers will certainly find happiness at the end of the Dorothy bubble bar rainbow, even if there isn't a pot of gold!

Once you've bathed and found your greenest outfit, it's time to bring out your eyes! We have three beautiful shades of green liners and shadows in our range of Emotional Brilliance color cosmetics. Wise is a sage green shadow, Intuitive is a golden lime green shadow for a more dramatic effect, and Healthy is a lush, leafy green liquid liner.

Now you've got to be in the greenest of spirits to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. And don't worry; we've got a remedy to read after all that green Guinness and whisky. Here are our Hangover Cures!

Loranda Vazquez