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Julia Hamfelt

Julia, or Lazer Wolf as she's more commonly known around LUSH HQ, is the LUSH Times Editor and manager of the LUSH Copy Team. Her LUSH roots began four years ago at the Victoria, BC shop as a Bath Bomb detonating, bubble blowing, dancing machine. She now spends her days collaborating with fellow writers and designers to create fresh LUSH Times editions, web copy and in-store signage. When she's not writing and editing LUSH prose, you might find her engaging in fierce lazer tag battles, belting out a karaoke tune (Tina Turner, always) or doting over her beloved kitty, Luba.

Feb 02.28

LUSH Hall of Fame: Fresh Face Masks

Posted In: Community >> Fresh >> Product Use

Few LUSH products are more posted, pinned, tweeted or instagrammed (is that a word now?) than our Fresh Face Masks.

Our customers love to smother their faces in our masks of fresh fruits, vegetables, herb infusions and essential oils, make silly faces, and then post it for everyone to see! You really are a weird bunch. But we love you anyway.

Best Mother-Daughter Duo

Most Frightening

Best Garden Gnome Impression

Most Enthusiastic

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