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Aug 08.18

Give yourself a helping hand!

Posted In: Product Use

When we think of skincare routines, our face is normally our first concern. While that pretty face of yours is certainly important, your hands deserve some love too!

Our hands are one of the hardest-working parts of our body: they scrub dishes, grip handlebars for dear life and massage away the aches of our loved ones (when we’re feeling generous!). It’s easy to take your hands for granted, but the reality is that they require some specialized care to keep them in tip-top shape. What’s so special about our hands?

1.The skin on the palms of our hands is thicker than most other places on the body. Although being thick-skinned is sometimes a blessing, without special care, thick skin can cause the hands to feel rough and calloused. The best antidote to prickly paws is to treat them to regular exfoliation. Look for products with scrubby bits like salt or ground nuts which scrub away rough skin, and citrus juices, which cleanse and brighten the skin, leaving it fresh-looking and vibrant.

Our best-selling Ocean Salt is the perfect exfoliant to keep the hands smooth and soft, because it contains both sea salt to scrub away rough skin, and fresh grapefruit infusion to cleanse away dull, ashy skin. Not only will your hands be incredibly soft, they’ll look bright and vibrant. Maybe your hand-modeling days aren’t behind you after all!

2. The back of our hands has fewer sebaceous glands than the rest of the body, and the palms don’t contain any sebaceous glands at all! This means our hands aren’t able to produce much sebum; a lubricating and waterproofing oil that protects the skin from moisture loss. Because of this shortage of sebum, our hands rely on external sources to stay happily hydrated. Moisturizing butters and oils are the best remedy to dryness, so look for ingredients like cocoa butter, Shea butter and almond oil to soften and hydrate your hands.

Our Helping Hands lotion is a lifesaver for dry hands; it contains all three of these super-powered moisturizing ingredients yet absorbs quickly into the skin, so you can apply on-the-go without missing a beat.

3. Our hands are regularly exposed to unforgiving elements: harsh detergents, hot water and repeated hand washing. Hand washing is the single best thing we can do to protect ourselves from illness, and for some, it’s an all-day activity (cooks, nurses and parents - we know your pain!). While hand washing keeps germs at bay, it can take its toll on our skin by sometimes resulting in sore, sensitive paws especially when we’re stuck using hot water and harsh antibacterial soaps.

For an extra hydrating treat, try Golden Handshake, our hot hand mask. It's made with avocado, argan oil and fresh cupuaçu and murumuru butters for exceptionally soft hands. It gets into every nook and cranny to help restore even the driest hands.

Giving yourself a helping hand is more than a one-time treatment, it’s about being mindful of your skin’s needs: are your loved ones complaining of your sandpaper-like hands? Do you cringe at the idea of one more hand washing? Think about which ingredients would help you get the type of hands you’d love to have, then get your hands on some LUSHious treats to get the job done!

If you’d like even more handy recommendations, our fantastic staff are always here to help. Call our customer care line, or visit your local shop for a hands-on consultation.