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Dec 12.7

Handmade with Love: Christmas Penguin

Posted In: Behind the Scenes

The cutest addition to our Christmas range this year is full of personality and oh-so-lovable.

The Christmas Penguin is charming our hearts and bathtubs this holiday season with his big frothy bubbles and the same uplifting bergamot and mandarin fragrance as The Olive Branch shower gel. Our amazing Bubbles team makes 2,400 penguins per day by hand – so just how do they pack so much cuteness into one bubble bar? Let’s step behind the scenes to find out exactly how these bubbly birds are made!

First up, we’re introduced to Josue – bubble bar maker extraordinaire and massive Christmas Penguin fan! With tunes pumping in the background and a team of production assistants lining the worktables, Josue took us through the process step by step (and even let us try our hands at making one, too!)

Each Christmas Penguin starts as two squishy pieces of bubble bar mixture, one blue and one white. Josue rolls each piece into a ball and then whacks it on the table as hard as he can, much like working with dough in a kitchen. Whacking the air out of the mixture helps our penguin hold his shape, Josue explains. Next up, he takes the white ball and twists it between his hands to form a cone. The blue piece is squished onto his back, and then in he goes into the mold! Once the mixture is formed into its signature Christmas Penguin shape, Josue pops him out and passes the penguin onto his teammate.

Here comes the fun part! Each penguin is dipped belly-first in a bowl of golden lustre to make your holiday baths are festive and bright, before his vegan candy beak is carefully pushed into place. Lastly, the final touch is a pair of hand drawn black ink eyes. Et voila! A Christmas Penguin is born. Each flock needs time to set before being nestled with care into a box and sent out to shops all across North America.

Handmade with love, each and every Christmas Penguin is an individual little character. Pop by your local shop to pick out your very own penguin, or order online to meet your perfect match. But hurry – they’re only available for a limited time!