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Jun 06.6

Treat your feet at home with Happy Feet

Posted In: Foot Care

The rain is finally subsiding and the sun is peeking through the clouds… summer is coming!

Leading up to sandal season, prep your toes for flip flops, strappy sandals and quality barefoot time with our Limited edition Happy Feet gift. After having just spent a few months trapped in socks, slippers and boots (hopefully not at the same time!) your hard-working feet certainly deserve some care and attention and Happy Feet has everything you’ll need to soak, scrub and moisturize your toes into tip-top shape.

Limited edition Happy Feet gift


Although you can use your newfound bounty in any which way you please (we won’t judge!), here’s how we suggest using Happy Feet to give yourself a luxurious at-home foot treatment:

1. Set the mood: Gather all your supplies up, put on some groovin’ tunes, grab the latest LUSH Times and get ready for some serious relaxation!

2. Fill a basin or your bathtub with warm water and drop Geo Phyzz Bath Bomb in. Sit back and relax as you soak your feet for about 10 minutes. Relaxing in the warm waters with Geo Phyzz’s Hawaiian sea salt and pine oil will ease aching feet and the baking soda base will work to cleanse and deodorize even the smelliest soles.

3. Over your basin or tub, break off a piece of your Stepping Stone Foot Scrub and rub on to the dry, rough parts of the feet: focus on your heels and callused spots on the sides of the toes. Stepping Stone’s pumice and sea salt exfoliate away rough skin and the refreshing lemongrass oil lends its uplifting citrusy aroma. A generous helping of jojoba oil and cocoa butter leaves skin softened and hydrated.

4. Rinse and dry your feet, and take a moment to admire your handiwork thus far. Your feet are lookin’ fine and smelling fresh, and you’re only halfway through!

5. Apply Volcano Foot Mask all over dry feet, being sure to slather it over every inch of the foot, including between the toes and on the soles. If you’re the type that can’t seem to sit still, you may want to wrap your feet up in recycled plastic bags, as you’ll want to leave Volcano to work its magic for 10 to 15 minutes. Volcano is chock-full of cleansing, deodorizing ingredients like kaolin clay and fresh tomatoes (which, by the way have such strong deodorizing powers they’re used to neutralize the smell of skunk spray…hopefully your feet aren’t THAT offensive). After 10 to 15 minutes, rinse off Volcano and fully dry your feet.

6. Apply a generous helping of Fair Trade Foot Lotion all over your feet. Its refreshing peppermint and spearmint oils leave skin tingly-fresh and Fair Trade cocoa butter softens and hydrates.

7. Share your Happy Feet love by baring your toes and reusing your 100% organic Knot-Wrap as a tote bag, scarf or bandana while enjoying festivals, farm markets and picnics this summer.

Happy Feet is a limited-edition gift, but don’t fret; all of its contents are available year-round in full sizes on our website or in your favorite local LUSH shop.