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Jun 06.4

We're Celebrating National Pride Month!

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We believe that love belongs to everybody.

So many wonderful dates and occasions happen in June - from Summer Solstice, Father's Day, graduations, to Flag Day and more - but it's also National Pride Month and we're got lots of reasons to celebrate!

Two years ago, in June 2011 we partnered with Freedom to Marry and launched a campaign for marriage equality in the United States. Our employees asked us to stake a stand on this human rights issue, which affects our not just our employees, but our customers and our communities too. We knew what side of the soap box we wanted to be on.

We believe in the Freedom to Marry, and the 1138 rights that come along with it.

We believe that ALL our employees, customers and communities are valued and should be protected equally.

We believe that ALL couples in committed, loving relationships should have the freedom to marry under the law, with the same rules, responsibilities, and the same respect.

We believe that ALL families deserve the security of basic legal rights and safeguards of pensions, Social Security, taxation, immigration, health insurance and hospital visitation. We believe ALL children should have the same privileges to insurance coverage, emergency care, and inheritance.

We believe in speaking up for social change and ensuring that ALL people are represented fairly and equally under the constitution.

We believe in Respect for Marriage, the rights and values that it supports, and the dignity it provides to ALL citizens.

We believe that love belongs to everybody.

*We also believe that words like "equal" and "rights" have honest meaning beyond legislation.

Although our Canadian employees and customers have the rights and protections that come with the legal recognition of same-sex marriage, we stand up in solidarity across North America to raise awareness about DOMA and to fight for the Freedom to Marry and the respect, privileges, and the 1138 rights that go along with it. It's pretty incredible to look back just two years to see the extraordinary strides that have been made for human rights and marriage equality. We went from celebrating the victory in New York State to make a total of eight states with marriage equality at the end of our campaign, to what seems like another step forward nearly every day - now twelve states have the freedom to marry, and we're hoping that by today Illinois makes it a lucky thirteen. 

But it's not just in the US where progress is being made - 13 countries now recognize and allow same-sex couples to marry, with Uruguay, New Zealand, and Great Britain enacting laws that will come into force this summer. Even more countries (9 at the last count) have bills proposed in their legislatures.

Pride Month is the perfect time to recognize the tremendous efforts of organizations working to support the LGBT community, repeal DOMA, and working for the Freedom to Marry. We're extremely proud to take a stand for a cause that means so much to our employees and customers, but without the amazing contributions of Freedom to Marry, the Human Rights Campaign, Respect for Marriage Coalition, PFLAG, Marriage Equality USA, and countless statewide and local organizations (we wish we could list them all if we had room!), there would be less to celebrate. Thank you for all of the tremendous work that you do.

What else is Pride Month perfect for? Parades and festivals! From Key West, to New York, Detroit, Toronto, Cleveland, Edmonton, Seattle, Hawaii - from the East Coast to the West Coast cities and towns take to the streets for festivals and parades to celebrate Pride and the LGBT community, their families, and friends.

We're celebrating with you - and we look forward another year filled with milestones and steps forward. Happy Pride.