Nov 11.27

Happy Hanukkah!


Tonight many of our friends will be lighting the first candle on their menorahs to celebrate the beginning of Hanukkah.

In true LUSH fashion, we wanted to wish you a Happy Hanukkah with a special gift full of bathing delights. The Star of David inspired LUSH graphic designer Jane Koo when it came to the blue and white gift wrap on our Happy Hanukkah gift. She says, “The Star of David is such a distinct symbol, it's really geometric and I was drawn to the simple aesthetic of it. I wanted to create something bright and cheerful to capture the spirit of the holiday."

Inside you’ll find four bath and shower products inspired by the story and traditions of Hanukkah. We include our best-selling Avobath Bath Bomb and The Olive Branch shower gel because they both contain olive oil. It was written that a very small amount of olive oil was used to light the Holy Temple’s menorah, but it miraculously stayed lit for eight nights! Olive oil is also wonderfully hydrating and softening on the skin, making these two products the perfect addition to a winter gift. Not only that, the olive oil in The Olive Branch is sourced from a non-profit organization that works to strengthen local Israeli economies through olive production and in doing so, encourages co-operation between Arab and Jewish populations in the Palestinian Occupied Territories.

Our refreshing, minty Ice Blue soap goes into the package as well, because of the traditional blue and white color scheme from the Israeli flag. This year we’ve updated the gift to include something new as well; a piece of gold! Gold FUN that is, our multi-purpose soap, bubble bath, shampoo and moldable toy. This Gold FUN represents the tradition of children receiving “gelt”, or gold coins during Hanukkah.

Since we don’t often carry gelt in our change purses these days, we thought a traditional Hanukkah gift full of bath and shower delights would be the perfect way to celebrate The Festival of Lights. We wish you the happiest of celebrations with family, friends, treats and traditions. Happy Hanukkah from LUSH!

Loranda Vazquez