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May 05.22

Have a LUSH Long Weekend

Posted In: LUSH Life

We loooooooove long weekends. Relaxing at the cottage, hanging out with friends and family, watching the fireworks, eating – we just can’t get enough! This Memorial Day, celebrate LUSH-style and kick off summer with some of our favorite ways to chill this weekend. Happy celebrating!Long Weekend Activities

Backyard Barbecue Party
A backyard barbecue is always a hit for the long weekend. Load up your grill (and your belly) with your favorite meatless creations, and use our best-loved sauces and rubs recipes to add a whole lotta delicious flavor to the mix. Plus, we’ve got the sweetest homemade dessert to add to your long weekend get-together.Vegan Barbecue Sauce

Get fresh with the locals
This is the time of year when farmers’ markets are bustling with the freshest fruits and vegetables of the season. This long weekend, try buying local for all your festivities and head to a nearby farmers’ market. Get to know your local suppliers, see what’s in season right now and pick out the freshest ingredients for your meals and snacks. It’s easy to make local buying a part of your life.Buy local

Get outside and explore
Long weekends are made for exploring. All kinds of fun and adventure exist right in your own city from hiking and berry picking to enjoying a local sports team. And if you need help thinking of ways to get out there, we’ve got some awesome outdoor activities that will help you discover the world outside of your backyard and without spending a tonne of money.

Outdoor Activities

Get outta town
Depending on where you live, the May long weekend might be the perfect time to kick off summer camping. Pack up the tents, gear, food, drinks and other camp essentials and get down with nature. And don’t forget to take LUSH with you! Our shampoo bars, Toothy Tabs and more will help you pack light and be ready for anything.Camping with LUSH products

Avoid the crowds, traffic and long car rides filled with choruses of “are we there yet?” and spend this long weekend at home. Pick up your favorite snacks, drinks and prepare to settle in with a weekend of LUSHious indulgences. Watch your favorite movies, play board games, invite friends over for a few LUSH-inspired cocktails, or simply relax and enjoy LUSHious treats that will let you indulge in the simplest pleasures.LUSH Cocktails

See the fireworks
Whether you (safely) choose to host a fireworks show in your own backyard or head to a nearby park, fireworks are must-have this long weekend. And if you want to be sure you’ve got healthy, vegetarian snacks on-hand, you’ll want to pack them yourself. It’s cheap(er), easy and guaranteed to keep you out of those long lineups.

With 3 long days to unwind, how will you spend it? And don’t forget, if you plan to spend your days lazing or playing in the sunshine, you might need a little sunburn 911.