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Mar 03.14

Hoppy Easter!

Posted In: Gifts

Hoppy Easter Bunny Knot-Wrap has hopped back into our shops this Easter, but this time he’s been loose in the garden eating LUSH Easter goodies!

When you unwrap your Hoppy Easter gift you’ll find a duo of fresh vegan bathing treats to keep your bath time hoppin’. So what does the bunny have hidden in his tummy?

The Carrot reusable bubble bar: a fruity lemon and bergamot bubbler that can be used to brighten up several baths. It looks just like a certain crunchy source of vitamin A… We won’t tell if you cheat and use this one towards your daily vegetable intake!

Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb: egg-shaped and so cotton candy sweet you won't need to eat any Easter treats (well, maybe a few!). We decorate Fluffy Egg with candy flowers so it looks just like painted Easter eggs, but this egg is much more fun to use in the bathtub.

This lovely pair of spring-inspired bath delights is cozily nestled into the 100% organic cotton bunny Knot-Wrap, and then expertly tied by our gift-wrapping gurus so that the knots create his big floppy ears. We purchase bunny Knot-Wrap from Re-Wrap, an organization that operates a not-for-profit cooperative in Mysore India. The cooperative employs about eighty individuals who come from disadvantaged social and financial circumstances. Upon gaining employment with the Re-Wrap cooperative, they receive on-the-job training in traditional weaving and embroidery techniques, and reliable, profitable work that allows them to gain financial independence.

By choosing to purchase our Knot-Wraps from Re-Wrap, we make a direct positive impact on the lives of its members and their community. With the purchase of our Knot-Wraps and Knot-Wrap gifts like Hoppy Easter you also help to support this incredible organization.

Hoppy Easter gift has it all: two fantastic limited-edition bath time treats and a reusable Knot-Wrap with inspirational roots. Hop to it! Pick one up for all the bathing bunnies on your list this Easter.

Find out more about Re-Wrap here.