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Jun 06.13

How It's Made: The Comforter

Posted In: Handmade

As a summer intern with the LUSH Brand Communications team, I had heard about the Bubble Room, but when I was offered the chance to help make The Comforter Bubble Bar, I jumped at the opportunity! I didn’t know what to expect and had no idea what was involved in making this blackcurrant Bubble Bar, but I was excited to find out. 

The rooms where the make everything in the factory is serious business: to keep products at the highest quality, everyone must wear rubber gloves and an apron. Once I was outfitted, I set to work, but not before learning from the experts. Room Manager Denise led us through the process, carefully explaining each handmade step that her production team was carrying out. Today, the Bubble Room is making 400 lbs of this best-selling bubbler, and it almost feels like a party with loud, pumping music and gloves everywhere that are stained a bright shade of pink.

To make this Bubble Bar, compounders combine and blend all of the ingredients: cassis absolute and bergamot oil to relax the mind, blackcurrant absolute to infuse that famous sweet berry aroma, and a sodium bicarbonate and cream of tartar mixture – I learned that it’s this special blend that’s responsible for the mountain of bubbles that every Bubble Bar is capable of creating. They make The Comforter in two batches, one pink and one white; later the two colors will be swirled together by hand. 

The brilliant pink is laid out first with the white then laid on top. It looks like the beginning of a colorful layer cake that smells good enough to eat. The two layers are pressed together by hand, and then a large rolling pin is lightly dusted and put to work, flattening out the dough before being rolled into a swirling log. It’s then cut into perfect rounds, weighed, and lovingly molded by hand right on the scale– this is when The Comforter starts to gain its shape into the Bubble Bar LUSHies know and love.

It’s hard work creating these fragrant bars by hand, but their scent alone makes them worth the trouble. I reluctantly left the Bubble Room in a blackcurrant bliss to let the bars dry overnight before being packaged up and sent out to LUSH shops across North America. It took everything in me to not stay and look after all that I’d helped to create today, but as I left the room, all I wanted to do was crumble one under some hot water, so I could sink deep beneath a blanket of bubbles and let them envelop me in a berry warm hug. I think the only thing missing from the Bubble Room is a bathtub!