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Feb 02.25

How it’s made: Angels on Bare Skin

Posted In: Behind the Scenes >> Handmade

On a gorgeous early spring day, we visited the “Fresh Room” in our Vancouver kitchen. Here, luxurious skincare inventions like our cleanser rolls and Fresh Face Masks are lovingly handcrafted by experts called compounders. On this visit, compounder Audrey walked us through how she creates Angels on Bare Skin—our best-selling cleanser roll that gently returns skin to a beautiful, naturally balanced state.

Two 160lb batches of Angels on Bare Skin were on the day’s production schedule. Each batch is created as we receive orders, so is still incredibly fresh when it reaches our shops, and ultimately your bathroom. In a typical week, Audrey told us that she makes about 650lbs of just Angels on Bare Skin: that’s a whole lot of fresh cleanser rolls being sent out to lovely LUSHies!

Audrey began by adding about 60lb of ground California almonds to an equal amount of pure kaolin clay. Together, the kaolin and almonds gently exfoliate and cleanse the skin, and give the roll its soft, scrubby texture.

Next, Audrey created a ‘well’ in the dry mixture (like you see on fancy cooking shows!) before adding the liquid ingredients.

Glycerin was first to get poured into the well. This clear, heavy liquid may not look very exciting, but it has a very important job: it helps skin to retain its moisture and elasticity, and lends to the hydrating nature of Angels on Bare Skin. Turns out it’s not so boring after all!

Audrey added thej gorgeous blend of floral oils and absolutes next: this mixture is what gives Angels on Bare Skin its relaxing earthy aroma, and creates its soothing effects on the skin. Together, lavender oil, rose absolute and chamomile blue oil help to calm irritation, balance oil production and even skin tone.

Once all the ingredients are combined, they’re given a surprisingly quick mix—just a moment or two is perfect. The mixture is then weighed out into approximately 1.5lb portions, and each one is hand-rolled into a flat rectangle using a big rolling pin. With a quick flick of the wrist, a pinch of fragrant dried lavender flowers is sprinkled on, and the rectangle is carefully rolled up, completing the masterpiece that is Angels on Bare Skin cleanser roll.

Creating this classic cleanser roll was surprisingly quick: from preparation to conclusion it only took Audrey about 30 minutes. When we say it’s a simple and effective recipe, we mean it! Because all of our cleanser rolls are solid and preservative-free, they’re best used within three months of their made-on date—that’s when the ingredients are at their freshest and most effective.