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Tasha Dennis

Tasha comes from the land of big box stores (also known as Brampton, Ontario) but now calls beautiful Vancouver home. When she’s not writing about all things LUSH, Tasha artfully balances her time between hiking, cycling, concert-going and indulging in local craft beer. She’s a sucker for good coffee and sci-fi TV shows, and aspires to be as much like Betty White as possible.

Jul 07.3

How it’s made: D’Fluff

Posted In: Behind the Scenes >> Handmade

On a rainy summer day here in Vancouver, we met up with our compounder Anthony in the Dairy Pots room. It’s here where we make all of our most delightfully skin-softening Body Lotions, Facial Moisturizers and jiggly Shower Jellies. On this morning’s production schedule? Our brand new D’Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap.

D'Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap and Anthony

To begin, Anthony prepares his workspace and places a large pot on a scale. He then puts solid cocoa butter and rosehip oil into the pot and takes them to the stove, where they’re left to melt. These oils are known for their moisturizing benefits, but rosehip oil does double-duty with its massive dose of skin-firming Vitamin C. He told us, “Everything is measured precisely. We make D’Fluff in 110lb batches, which can fill 830 small black pots.”

Adding hot water

Next, Anthony gathers soap flakes, hot water and nutrient-rich maple sugar and places them into a large pot; and then mixes them together using an immersion blender. In a smaller mixing bowl, he carefully mixes together two colors – the first is a deep, rich red and the other is a light but intense pink – and dumps the mix into the same pot, turning the whole thing into D’Fluff’s signature candy-pink color. He then rescues the cocoa butter and rosehip oil blend from the stove and whizzes it into the mix, too.

D'Fluff blend

Finally, it's time to add the fruit. Anthony chops up whole, fresh strawberries (and pops one into his mouth – he told us it was for quality testing). Any bits that you wouldn’t eat, like the leaves and any bruised sections, are removed and tossed into the compost bin. The berries are then bathed in a glycerin bath and whipped up like a smoothie. The glycerin we use is a thick, glossy liquid made from American soybeans. It’s added to the mix to help skin retain its moisture and elasticity, and lends to D’Fluff’s hydrating nature.

Anthony chopping strawberries

Once done, this blend is strained into the candy pink mixture (using a cheesecloth to remove any seeds and bits) along with thick golden syrup. Fun fact! There are almost 3lbs of fresh strawberries in every batch D’Fluff! Strawberries are known for their enzymic and cleansing properties – plus, they help give D’Fluff that irresistibly sweet scent.

Fluffed D'Fluff

Next, it’s time for the egg whites, but before they can go in, the pink mix goes into a refrigerated room to cool down so the eggs don’t cook when they’re added. Once cooled, Anthony cracks 2lbs of fresh egg whites and adds them into the mix. He then uses beaters (a much larger version of the ones you might find in your own kitchen at home) to whip some air into the mixture to give it that marshmallowy texture we love! It’s then put into pots and sent out for distribution to our shops across North America.

Look for a fresh batch of D’Fluff in a shop near you, or check out our range of shaving creams online. You might even find one with Anthony’s smiling face on the bottom!