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May 05.8

How It’s Made: Gorgeous facial moisturizer

Posted In: Behind the Scenes

On a sunny spring day in Vancouver, we visited the Dairy Pots room in our cosmetic kitchen. Here, all of our softening body lotions, balancing facial moisturizers and fun, fragrant Shower Jellies are carefully handcrafted by experts we call Compounders. On this visit, superstar Compounder Madu was making a batch of our most luxurious facial moisturizer, Gorgeous.

As Madu prepared his workspace, he told us, “Gorgeous is one of our bestselling products. It makes your skin really smooth and matte”. And it’s no wonder! Only the finest possible ingredients make it into Gorgeous, from cold-pressed organic essential oils and hydrating vegetable oils to fresh fruit juices, each and every ingredient has been especially selected for its benefits to the skin, and together, their effects are simply beautiful.

First, the oils are combined: nutrient-rich avocado oil, wheat germ oil, organic grapeseed oil and coconut oil are all added to a large pot, then slowly melted over low heat under Madu’s watchful eye until they’re completely mixed. This nutritious blend helps keep the skin hydrated and firm-looking, without feeling heavy or greasy.

Once the oils have melted together Madu adds the soothing orange blossom honey water, then uses an immersion blender to ensure the mixture is thoroughly combined.

Next, Madu chops up fresh pineapple, oranges and lemons, selecting only the best parts of the fruit. (No, he isn’t making himself an afternoon snack...he’s still making Gorgeous!) Any bits that you wouldn’t typically eat like bruised parts or tough, pithy pieces are removed and composted. The fruit is blended together, and the fresh juice is extracted and added to the existing mix. These fresh fruit juices help to smooth the skin’s texture with their active enzymes, and give it a brighter, more radiant appearance.

The fruit is ordered on a weekly basis so only the freshest produce goes into our inventions, and it’s only chopped and prepared moments before being added to a recipe. This way, we can be sure we’re using only the freshest, most effective ingredients that will provide the maximum benefit to your skin.

Lastly, Madu adds the fragrant (and mostly secret!) blend of oils and absolutes. This mixture, which contains neroli oil and orange flower absolute, along with the fresh fruit juices is what gives Gorgeous its uplifting citrus aroma, and contributes to its balancing, brightening effects on the skin.

After a thorough mixing, Gorgeous is put into pots and sent out for distribution to our shops across North America. Look for a fresh batch in a store near you, or shop our entire facial moisturizer range online. You might even find a pot with Madu’s smiling face on the bottom!