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Katy Cobb

Katy’s LUSH journey began in 2009 at the Robson Street store. Here, she abandoned her ego, donned a Sex Bomb costume and spread LUSH love through the streets of Vancouver during the 2010 Winter Olympics. Since then, Katy’s worked in LUSH manufacturing as a manager-in-training in the Gifts department and has most recently joined the Copy team where she’s excited to share her LUSH passion through the written word (though she’ll miss the Sex Bomb costume). Katy’s a self-proclaimed cheesecake connoisseur and crazy cat lady. When she’s not LUSHin’ it up, you’ll find her hiking the north shore trails or perfecting her sangria recipe.

Aug 08.14

How it’s made: I Love Juicy Shampoo

Posted In: Behind the Scenes

On a sunny summer morning in Vancouver, we visited “The Bottles Room” in our cosmetic kitchen. Here, all of our liquid shampoos, conditioners and shower gels are lovingly handmade by experts called compounders. On this visit, compounders Arnel, Marlon, Susan and their assistant Danielle, were making one of our freshest, fruitiest shampoos: I Love Juicy.

Today, our compounders were mixing up 5 batches of I Love Juicy at about 450 pounds each (yes, that’s about 2250 pounds total!). They crafted the base of the shampoo yesterday, so the softening carrageenan seaweed, volumizing sea salt and lathering ingredients were already mixed up and ready for today’s fresh fruit to be added.

The production room was already abuzz when we arrived just after 7am: Danielle was busy slicing papayas in half and scooping out their seeds with a spoon. The papayas were delivered early this morning, and were so fresh they filled the room with their deliciously sweet smell. As Danielle sliced the papayas, she carefully inspected each one watching for bumps, bruises or damaged pieces. She told us that only the best parts of the fruit are used. The rule is: if you wouldn’t eat it, it doesn’t go in the mix.

Once the papayas were gently hand-washed, Arnel scooped them up and sheepishly admitted that he often sneaks sly bites: it’s too delicious to resist! He began blending up the halved papayas using a large immersion blender. We noticed he’d left the skin on the fruit—Arnel told us that many of the papaya’s beneficial enzymes are found in the skin, so it’s blended into the shampoo, ensuring your hair and scalp get all of its amazing enzymic benefits.

After the papayas are thoroughly blended, the mixture is strained through cheesecloth to filter out the pulp, leaving a smooth, fragrant juice behind. Arnel then added fresh kiwi, pineapple and mango juices, and gave everything one more mix with the blender. You can begin to see how I Love Juicy got its name!

So why do we use fresh fruit juices in I Love Juicy? They’re incredibly effective natural cleansers that gently remove oil and dirt on the hair and scalp. This makes I Love Juicy a lovely shampoo for those with oily hair, or for those who love that deep-clean feeling after they’ve shampooed. While Susan was busy making fresh papaya juice, she told us I Love Juicy is her favorite shampoo because it leaves her hair feeling clean, refreshed and touchably soft—she doesn’t even use a conditioner. 

Once all the juices were combined (and looking like a delicious smoothie), they were added to the shampoo base. Marlon carefully stirred the mixture by hand using a long paddle. He told us this recipe needs to be mixed very gently—vigorous mixing would cause it to foam up, and we don’t want that to happen until it’s in your hair.

After Marlon’s expert mixing, I Love Juicy was complete. It will be bottled and sent out to our shops all over North America, arriving as early as next week. Look for a fresh batch of I Love Juicy in your local shop, or check out our entire range of fresh shampoos online.