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Aug 08.27

How to Choose a Body Lotion

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At LUSH, we've spent decades whipping up skin-loving concoctions with fresh, active ingredients.  Our formulas for body lotion reflect this - no luxury is spared! Our pots are loaded with a gourmet ingredient list to create a healthy diet for all your skin needs. Even better? They smell as good as they feel which leaves both your skin and mind happy after using them. If setting out to find your perfect match among the LUSH buffet seems daunting, take this quiz to uncover your best options: 

How often are you applying lotion?

A.       A.  Several times a day

B.       B.  Regularly, it’s good to have around

C.       C.  At least daily

D.       D.  Occasionally, when needed

Which best describes your skin without lotion:

A.      A.  Dry and uncomfortable

B.      B.  More prone to problems

C.      C.  Less luminous and dull

D.      D.  Not much different than with lotion on

How prone is your skin on your body to dryness?

A.      A.  Plagued daily by it

B.      B.  Fairly, it’s often accompanied by other skin conditions

C.     C.  Skin always feels better when it’s moisturized

D.     D.  Not much, can’t tell a difference when it’s moisturized or not

What’s the chief function that you're looking for in a lotion?

A.      A.   Effective hydration and nourishment

B.      B.  Relief from itch or inflammation

C.      C.  Improve skin tone and texture

D.      D.  Softening skin while soaking in fast


      And a few questions to determine personal taste and style. Trust us, LUSH makes using a body lotion a heavenly, holistic sensory experience, so this important too:

A perfect day off relaxing most closely resembles…

A.      A.  Luxury treatments at a Spa

B.      B.  Hiking or being outdoors

C.      C.  Making art or DIY projects

D.      D.  Reading, napping or resting

Which dessert are you most likely to enjoy?

A.      A.  Chocolate cake with lots of frosting

B.      B.  Freshly baked oatmeal cookies

C.      C.  Fresh fruit and pastries

D.      D.  Ice cream sundae

Which gift sounds most flattering to receive?

A.      A.  A meaningful donation made in your honor

B.      B.  An arrangement of your favorite flowers

C.      C.  A favorite meal cooked for you

D.      D.  A framed photo of a memorable moment

Now for the results - we've put together a few product suggestions to fit your needs, but you’ll have to try them on for size:

      If you answered mostly A’s, sounds like your skin seeks lotion to coat and hydrate. You’ll likely fall in love with Sympathy For The Skin, which is a nourishing pudding of banana and vanilla to lock in moisture within the skin’s layers. Another beautifully crafted choice is Charity  Pot, brimming with fairly-traded cocoa butter and almond oil. The vitamins and nutrients in those two LUSH staple skin care ingredients are a classic skin soothing remedy. Vitamins A and E in almond oil carry antioxidants into the mix, boosting skin’s defenses against breakdown of elasticity.


      If you answered mostly B’s, it indicates a preference for simple, soothing lotions. We think your best bet would be world-famous Dream Cream, or the perfume-free (but still divine) Coco LotionDream Cream has instant effect on sore and delicate skin, with its calming oat milk and essential oils like lavender, rose absolute and chamomile. Adding in tea tree also tips the scales in your skin’s favor against irritation. This is a top seller in every region of LUSH across the globe! For a specifically Caribbean influence to your routine, Coco Lotion takes a simple approach to moisturizing skin, with a tropical ingredient mix like pineapple juice and extra-virgin coconut oil.

      If you answered mostly C’s, you’re interested in improving skin tone and texture. Both of these, plus a knock-out perfume that will last throughout the day are found in Creme Anglaise.  This is chock-a-block full of luxurious elasticity buiding sweet orange oil, and the buttery warmth of vanilla-drenched almond oil and cocoa butter.  In other formulas, look for ingredients with natural blooming power to get skin glowing. Karma Kream and Vanilla Dee-Lite. Fruity bases to each of them teem with antioxidants and other nourishing ingredients to boost elasticity. Karma Kream boast orange flower water, a bright splash of Mediterranean sunshine, which a hibiscus infusion creates the base for delightfully light-weight Vanilla Dee-Lite.  Hibiscus flowers are a gorgeous way to boost the skin’s healthy glow with their rich content of Vitamin E. Layered into kiwi juice and butters from coconut and illipe nuts, it blends lightweight, active ingredients that will set lightly atop the skin.

      If you answered mostly D’s, you like a light touch with lotion, something that will nourish but not overwhelm. Vanilla Dee-Lite will have the lightest touch, due to the mix of fruit juices, waters and light oils. Extra-virgin coconut oil makes a supreme moisturizer for skin without leaving a sticky or heavy feeling behind. While it is deeply nourishing, many customers find Dream Cream soaks in without a greasy feeling. If you aren’t moisturizing regularly, the blend of essential oils are excellent tonics for the skin, promoting balance and calm. If you want a pot to please all it’s likely Dream Cream, which might explain why we’ve sold so much of it over the years!

      Every body can benefit from regular treatments with lotions that have fine-quality and energizing ingredients.  There’s a LUSH lotion to match us all. If you need further with your selection or want more specific suggestions for your needs and preferences, call our fantastic Customer Care team or visit your local shop, where staff are on-hand to help with your body care needs.