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Feb 02.15

How to Choose Your Cleanser Roll

Posted In: How To >> Product Use

Our cleanser rolls are unique in the realm of cosmetics—unpreserved, surfactant-free and made from simple, effective ingredients. Their inspiration reaches back into the past when clays, muds, powders and herbs were used to cleanse the skin. Our range of cleanser rolls allows your skin to be at its best, no matter what your routine or preference. We focus on ingredients and the effects they provide to give you the best possible version of your skin!

Knowing what you want for your skin is key in choosing wisely. There’s no one way to treat your skin, as your mood, seasons, lifestyle and routine may change over time, and thus your cleanser might change as well!

Angels on Bare Skin is a bestselling cleanser we’ve been making for ages—it fact, it’s based on a recipe from a household guide called ‘Delights for Ladies’ from 1602! It’s a heavenly mixture of fine kaolin clay, which gently cleanses, and chamomile blue, rose and lavender oils. These oils are traditionally used for soothing and hydrating skin when it becomes dry or irritated, and they return the skin to a natural balance. Ground almond meal provides a decadent, moisturizing scrub. This cleanser is often the first one our customers try, as it lovingly tends to the needs of many.

A softening and soothing gel comes in the form of Aqua Marina, our mermaid-inspired cleanser roll. Ingredients like calamine (a redness-reducing clay) and patchouli (a reparative resin for stressed skin) can help restore skin’s vitality and even out the complexion. Seaweeds like nori, Irish moss and carrageenan contain proteins, vitamins and minerals to nourish skin, and are ideal for rebalancing skin in times of distress. If your skin is feeling particularly sore and tight (whether from a sunburn, dehydration, or simply redness), this creamy cleanser roll will prove to be cooling and calming.

If you’re after a skin-brightening boost, scrub with Dark Angels! Deep-cleansing rhassoul mud and scrubby charcoal remove old skin cells, smoothing the skin’s texture. Cold pressed avocado oil is nourishing and rich in in vitamin E and antioxidants, ensuring that your skin looks lively and feels hydrated after a thorough scrub. Dark Angels is a favorite among those who love to exfoliate, leaving skin feeling refreshed. It’s ideal for cleansing misbehaving skin, and for feeding the skin a dose of nutrients. Try it all over the body in the shower for a smoothing, muddy romp!

Sometimes your skin might want the detoxifying equivalent of hot yoga: in this case, heed the ancient wisdom of Herbalism. Sage and rosemary are brilliant tonics for sluggish or congested skin. Inside you’ll find chlorophyll: this component that makes plants green is also a restorative remedy for troubled skin. Rice bran mattifies excess oils, and the whole concoction of stimulating herbs is perfect for a really good deep-down clean. Herbalism is ideal for skin that produces a little more natural oil than you might like, or for skin going through a transition (like stress, hormonal fluctuations or seasonal changes).

Let The Good Times Roll is a sweet-smelling customer favorite for any and all who like a no-fuss luxury cleanser. It’s made from maize, which gently buffs the skin for a glowing, smooth complexion. Cinnamon powder, a stimulating ancient spice, warms the skin and rids it of dirt and debris This one is ideal for those in search of their very own ‘Goldilocks’ cleanser—not too scrubby, not too invigorating, not too moisturizing, but just right.