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May 05.11

How To Choose Your Moisturizer

Posted In: How To >> Tips and Tricks

Here at LUSH, we don’t believe in oversimplified skin types or categories. Our customers are people, not skin types, and nobody fits perfectly into the boxes of oily, dry or combination. We believe our customers should consider their wants and desires for their skin, how their skin is feeling in the moment and their own lifestyle to choose the skincare that’s right for them.

When selecting a facial moisturizer, ask yourself: how does my skin feel now? How do I want it to feel? What does the best version of my skin look like? These types of questions give an idea of how to best listen to your skin and what ingredients to focus on to reach your skincare goals.

If you’re aiming for a calming, soothing effect, ingredients like lavender oil, rose oil, seaweeds and almond oil are gentle on temperamental or irritated skin. Take a peek at Cosmetic Lad and Celestial moisturizers. They’re full of fresh ingredients that comfort the skin.

If you want to feel hydrated in an airy and light way, look for easily-absorbed oils like jojoba and grapeseed. Vanishing Cream is a lovely example, containing both light oils to delicately hydrate and soften the skin. Ingredients like fresh lemon, orange and papaya juices help to dissolve extra oil on the skin to create a bright, matte appearance. Enzymion is full of fresh lemon and papaya juice so using this one will keep the skin matte throughout the day. Gorgeous facial moisturizer contains a fresh, buzzing blend of orange and pineapple juices to leave skin radiant and glowing. It’s also made with cold pressed organic wheatgerm oil and cold pressed avocado oil, which nourish the skin to keep it simply…gorgeous!

For skin that looks plump and moisturized, rich veggie butters and oils like cocoa butter, shea butter, and evening primrose oil are helpful. Check out Skin’s Shangri La, Skin Drink, and Full of Grace serum. In addition to leaving skin feeling soft and hydrated, all three products are made with fresh ingredients that are densely nutritious to keep skin glowing and healthy.

If you’re seeking balance for your skin, lavender and jojoba oils help to even out your skin’s natural oil production. We recommend Imperialis and Vanishing Cream to help the skin find stability. In addition to being balancing, Imperialis is made with imperial tiger lilies to keep skin firm and taut, while Vanishing Cream’s honey and rose water provide a soothing, comforting effect.

When recommending facial moisturizers, we like to offer our customers multiple options and focus on the different effects of each one, keeping in mind that everyone’s skin is unique. We aim to create products that you’ll enjoy using while they help your skin to look and feel its best. No matter the direction you want to take, our moisturizers use simple, effective ingredients for naturally radiant results.

Ready to find your perfect moisturizer? Browse our entire facial moisturizers range online, visit your local shop or call our customer care line at 1-888-733-5874 for a personalized consultation with one of our expert staff members.