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Mar 03.12

How to Choose a Shampoo

Posted In: Tips and Tricks

Washing with the best ingredients to support your hair and scalp goals makes an incredible difference in your mane condition.

Hair needs vary as greatly as skin needs do, and so do lifestyle preferences. Hence the array of both solid and liquid shampoo options in our hair care range - shampooing has never been more fun!

Review the following statements and choose a shampoo based on what washes up.

I’d describe my hair as:

  • A) Normal, not giving me too much trouble.
  • B) Needy, it’s really an effort to get it looking good.
  • C) Dull and dry to the touch.
  • D) Oily and limp, lacking lustre.
  • E) My hair’s fine—but my scalp is troublesome.

My current routine is:

  • A) Washing when needed, and using a few other products here and there
  • B) Washing, conditioning, heat-treating, styling and regular chemical processing.
  • C) Washing and/or conditioning 3 or 4 times a week
  • D) Washing hair every day.
  • E) More geared towards my scalp health than my hair.

After I wash my hair, it feels:

  • A) Clean, and easy to manage.
  • B) Like starting from scratch on my overall look.
  • C) Thirsty for conditioner.
  • D) Less greasy than usual.
  • E) Healthy and clean.

My goal for my hair is to:

  • A) Keep on, keeping on!
  • B) Hold on for just one more day.
  • C) Feel soft and moisturized.
  • D) Get balanced and bouncy locks.
  • E) Balance out scalp issues and enjoy my hair.

For me, a good shampoo cleans hair and also:

  • A) Works simply – with not too much fuss.
  • B) Softens hair and feels luxurious.
  • C) Increases hydration and tensile strength.
  • D) Combats excess oiliness and adds volume.
  • E) Controls scalp issues, too

Mostly A’s suggest that your hair is already in tip-top shape—lucky you! Whatever you are doing is working to keep your hair feeling and acting the way you want it to. Since your routine is probably fairly simple, look for shampoos that are equal parts cleansing and conditioning.

We suggest: Good basics to clean and maintain hair’s great shape are Fairly Traded Honey Shampoo and Cynthia Sylvia Stout, liquid formulas that have extra conditioning ingredients (like honey and stout beer) that make them excellent choices for minimal folks. Another 2-in-1 option is the Solid Shampoo Bar, Godiva, which is just as much conditioner as it is shampoo. Other Solid Shampoo Bars with universal appeal are Karma Komba and Ultimate Shine. Hair this easy can also get by with the occasional dusting from No Drought Dry Shampoo.

Mostly B’s tell us they tried to make you go to Rehab, but you said No! No! No! Well, it’s not too late for the LUSH version of Rehab. Which is to say, washing your hair with a range of products that will strengthen and recondition hair with some healthy habits. It’s never too late to have the hair you want to—but you may have to change some of your old ways.

We suggest: Rehab shampoo, obviously—it was intended with you in mind. Stress upon the hair in the way of over-processing or heavy styling can really damage hair. When hair is delicate and prone to breakage, Daddy O and Blousey are alternate options to cushion strands and repair strength. New solid shampoo is another circulation-boosting option. Even used once in a while, it can stimulate healthy hair growth from oxygen-enriched follicles, while the herbal infusions are great for coating hair’s cuticles into shining, gleaming layers.

Mostly C’s indicate your hair is parched! Get yourself a Hair Moisturizer to begin with, and after lavishing that upon those thirsty locks, use Shampoos with mega-moisturizing ingredients like coconut, Shea butter, olive oil and seaweed.

We suggest: Excellent LUSH choices include Curly Wurly, Rehab, and Cynthia Sylvia Stout. Trichomania and Godiva also offer excellent conditioning powers in solid shampoo form. ALL shampoos should be followed up with conditioner and styling products that will help retain moisture and softness.

Mostly D’s mean your sebaceous glands don’t know when to say when! This can be a good thing—your hair is usually in fairly great shape, because of all that conditioning sebum protecting it. But we understand the challenges this also poses, and how an intervention is often needed. Make sure you don’t over-wash your hair and scalp, though—that can make things worse. Instead use shampoos with ingredients that will assist control of oil production to begin with, like lavender, rosemary and juniper essential oils.

We suggest: No Drought is a great styling aid for hair, as the micro-fine powders absorb extra oils and can help eliminate that greasy feeling. Daily washing with shampoos that pack an herbal punch to the sebaceous gland’s production will help regulate things after a week or two. Try Jumping Juniper Solid Shampoo Bar, or Seanik if you want to also give hair’s volume a bit of a lift. Liquid shampoos like I Love Juicy and Big rely on sea salt to cleanse and add volume, shine and perfume to usually lifeless hair.

Mostly E’s foretell you know where the issues start, right at the roots! If your scalp is troubled, it can be hard to treat anything else on the hair. Just like a garden needs healthy soil, any strand growing from your head needs a great base. Scalp problems arise for a variety of reasons; knowing what causes yours is helpful in solving them. Generally speaking, soothing herbs like chamomile and lavender can reduce inflammation and irritation and promote healthy function for the scalp when used on a regular basis.

We suggest: Squeaky Green as well as Soak and Float Solid Shampoo Bars are good choices for sorting flakes and irritation on troubled scalps. The anti-microbial cade oil in Soak and Float makes it especially effective on pesky dandruff. For scalps that just need a good scrub now and then, a dollop of Big Shampoo can help exfoliate the scalp—particularly good for sloughing off product residue that can accumulate and over time, dull hair’s lustre.