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Oct 10.29

How to draw a perfectly spooky Halloween bath

Posted In: DIY

The leaves are falling, the night air is getting crisp, and mysterious things are beginning to happen… it must be Halloween! Though we’re certainly excited for trick-or-treating and outrageous costume parties, in true LUSH fashion we’re most looking forward to celebrating the Halloween season by taking a fun, spooky soak in the tub!

Follow these simple steps for a truly scream-worthy bath…

1. Dim the lights or switch them off completely, and light a few candles to give your bathroom an eerie glow. Set up a soundtrack of spooky Halloween noises, or find a mysterious audiobook to play while you’re in the tub. Edgar Allen Poe’s short stories are a perfectly scary fit!

2. Now’s the tough part… choosing which of our spooky limited edition Halloween bath treats you’re going to try!

If you’d like to sink into silky, festive orange waters and hide away under a comforting blanket of earthy, floral bubbles, try our mischievous Pumkin Bubble Bar. It shares its gorgeous fragrance with our year-round soap, Figs and Leaves.

For a more mysterious soak, choose Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb and let the revelry begin! Its deep green exterior soon gives way to a hidden burgundy center, and popping candies crackle away as a spicy, herbal aroma surrounds you.

3. Now that you’ve chosen your bathtime companion, fill your tub with warm water, leaving the bathroom fan off. This will create swirling steam which will look especially spooky with only the flickering candlelight to illuminate the room! If you’ve chosen Pumkin Bubble Bar, crumble it under the running water to create mounds of fluffy bubbles. For a Bath Bomb like Lord of Misrule, drop it into the tub when you’re ready to hop in.

4. Slip into the tub, and draw the shower curtain closed. Not only does this allow the fragrant steam to linger around your tub a little longer, it also gives you the opportunity to think of the creepy ghouls and goblins that may be lurking about behind it! Lie back, close your eyes and let your imagination wander. Take in the sounds of your spooky soundtrack or eerie story, or simply listen to the fizzing or bubbling of your LUSHious bath treat. Try to resist peeking behind the curtain!

5. When you’ve been fully spooked, sloowwly draw back the shower curtain to make sure the coast is clear, then emerge from your tub. Engulf yourself in a big fluffy towel and change into something warm and comfortable to fend off the chill of the cool autumn night.

Now that you’ve set the spooky mood, grab some sweet treats (try out our recipe for vegan pumpkin pie cookies) and settle in for a night of watching scary movies. For even more spooky LUSHious fun, write your own scary story with the help of our LUSH Libs (located at the bottom of our homepage) and check back on Halloween to read our top three picks!