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Jul 07.7

Tips for starting a Fin Free chapter in your city

Posted In: Ethical Campaigns

You’ve bought a Shark Fin Soap and signed the Fin Free petition—what else can you do to save sharks? Help your community become a shark-free zone by starting your own Fin Free chapter!

Fin Free campaigns raise public awareness surrounding shark finning and garner support to end the use, sale, distribution and consumption of shark fin products. Going fin-free will effectively eliminate the demand for shark fins, one community at a time. With the tools and resources provided by United Conservationists, you can set up a local chapter, build community support and grow your campaign – let's get our communities to fin-free!

1. Build Awareness

Knowledge is power! Learn about the issue of shark finning using Fin Free fact sheets and take the Fin Free Pledge. Next, share your knowledge with your friends and family to help them understand the widespread decline in shark populations, how it’s affecting our oceans, and how stopping the sale and distribution of shark fins will help save sharks and our oceans.

2. Gain Public Support

Hosting a screening of Sharkwater and Revolution is a fantastic way to spread the word about shark finning and the fate of our oceans in your community. Sharkwater reveals the exploitation and corruption surrounding the global shark fin trade, the current plight of sharks and how we can all be part of the solution. Revolution demonstrates that it's no just sharks that are in jeopardy and works to uncover what we need to do to save our planet. Once people are aware of the issues, they'll want to know how they can help. An open discussion following the film will build a collective dialogue in the community and is a great way to engage people from all walks of life. Make sure to have copies of the Fin Free pledge handy for attendees to sign and distribute to friends and family.

3. Encourage responsible business

Once you’ve gained the support of community members, start encouraging local businesses to go fin-free. If businesses in your area are serving or selling shark fin products, approach them in a respectful manner to talk about the issue. Fin Free even has a restaurant letter template available for download to help you guide the discussion.

Fin-free networks and support systems can take months to build, but once they're strong and established, they're hard to ignore. By setting up a Fin Free chapter in your community, you'll not only help shark conservation, but you'll also help humanity by making a more sustainable, livable planet.

Visit Fin Free for a full toolkit of resources that will help you to build a successful campaign.