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Apr 04.16

That's How We Roll

Posted In: LUSH Facts >> Product Use

The LUSH kitchens contain giant fridges stocked with the flowers, herbs, and fresh materials required for our cleansing rolls. Fresh ingredients in our products ensure the most healthy, active buzz on the skin.

What makes them so “cleansing” after all?

For starters, there is NO soap. Cleansing rolls are made with absorbent powders and clays, which carry residues from the skin. They are effective mixed into skin care routines every few days, and also gentle enough for daily use. Clays unclog pores and help eliminate toxins and promote clear skin; they are sometimes called “Nature’s Detoxifiers” for this reason. Porous material like charcoal, clean as well as exfoliate. Other natural skin blasters in our rolls are ground almonds, sugar, rice bran and lavender flowers. These are gentle natural exfoliators, offering a holistic approach to cleaning your skin. We also use conditioning ingredients and powerful herbal blends to promote harmony in the skin and radiance throughout.

How do they work?

Using them is believing:

1. Pinch off a bit of product.

2. Mix the product with water to create a paste that spreads easily onto your skin. People find the consistency that works best for them easily after the first couple uses.

3. Cleansing rolls are effective right away, but work best when massaged into the skin. They all have exfoliating ingredients, (except for Aqua Marina), so make sure to scrub thoroughly all over your face.  

Top Tips

• Check batch codes and use product before it expires. Batch codes are the stickers on products that say who made your particular product, when they did so, and when to use it up by.

• Cleansing rolls work best if make-up is removed first. Try Ultrabland or 9 to 5 for that job.

• Before cleansing, steam with LUSH Toner Tabs. Use the leftover vitamin-rich water to mix with your cleansing roll, and for washing off. Tap water works fine, but Toner Tabs are a major boost!

• Cleansing rolls are impromptu face masks, if left on skin for 5 minutes. Take care with Dark Angels; we don’t want you looking like a chimney sweep from any charcoal residue! (Use 9-5 if that happens.)

• Use before shaving, or applying other cosmetics. Soft exfoliation creates a smooth and soft finish. This is perfect for application of Emotional Brilliance or other favorites from your beauty bag.

• Use on break-outs or congestion on the shoulders, back or elsewhere. They are sold as facial cleansers but can be used wherever they are needed!

Did You Know?

• Every batch of LUSH cleansing rolls are flattened with rolling pins like pastry, and then hand-rolled and packaged for shipment. 

• Angels On Bare Skin comes from an old cosmetics recipe from a book called “Delights For Ladies” • Dark Angels detoxifies with porous charcoal, and exfoliates further with Rhassoul mud and sugar. Charcoal is commonly used in air and water filtration systems for its absorbent powers.

• “Herbalism” is the study and use of medicinal properties of plant material. In our LUSH kitchens, compounders prepare fresh decoctions of traditional ingredients for every batch. Our Herbalism cleansing roll contains antiseptic vinegar and a potent herbaceous blend to promote clear skin.

• Aqua Marina contains aloe vera gel, along with three kinds of seaweed--making a great cooling relief to skin anguished by sun or other irritants.

Cleansing rolls extend the notion of Fresh beyond the refrigerator. As versatile as they are luxurious, these beauties are best enjoyed right away. Think of them as finery for your skin care, and indulge regularly in their delightful, fresh benefits.