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Jan 01.17

How to choose your Fresh Face Mask

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“The best skin food is just that—good food,” Barbara Griggs, herbalist.

At LUSH, our Founders have invented the Fresh Face Mask range with the principles of skin nutrition in mind. As the skin is the body’s largest organ, it’s our duty to care for it as we would the rest of our bodies. By carefully layering fruits, vegetables and essential oils, each Fresh Face Mask tells a story, each unique in the benefits it provides the skin.

How do you want your skin to feel, behave and look? These are questions to consider and answer for yourself when you’re trying to choose any new addition to your skin routine. At LUSH, we design our products with effects in mind—not skin types, ranges or systems. This means you can receive the benefits that these simple, beautiful ingredients have to offer, whether you choose the same mask week after week, or you switch things up based on your skin’s particular mood.

By using purifying and clarifying bases of mud, clays or powders, the Fresh Face Masks are ideal for deep cleansing. To clear and refresh skin further, try masks with astringent and detoxifying ingredients, like tea tree oil (Cosmetic Warrior), ginger (Brazened Honey), and peppermint (Cupcake). These ingredients are brilliant for liberating congested skin, and can even leave your skin feeling renewed and bright.

Zesty, rejuvenating ingredients like fresh fruit and vegetable antioxidants are ideal for skin of any age that might want a little energy boost. Wheatgrass (The Sacred Truth) and asparagus (Ayesha) contain antioxidants which combat free radicals caused by pollution, dehydration and overall wear-and-tear on the skin. These masks are perfect for when you want your skin to glow with renewed health and vitality!

Calming and delicate ingredients like rose (BB Seaweed), chamomile (Catastophe Cosmetic) and lavender (Love Lettuce) can aid in soothing redness, and provide skin with a relaxed and unified appearance. These masks are comforting blends for stressed-out skin in need of balance, or for faces that like a light, caring touch.

Hydration for skin in need of a drink can come in many forms, as each Fresh Face Mask contains moisturizing properties. Honey is light and quenching; almond oil provides a supple silkiness; illipe butter is protective and emollient.

If your skin is craving a scrub, look for ingredients like ground almond shell, walnut shell or millet—all exfoliators are not created alike, so be mindful of the textures. A harder, finer scrub, like ground almond shell, will yield a thorough exfoliation, while ground almond meal is more of a soft polish on the skin.

In the words of LUSH co-founder Rowena Bird, ‘Listen to your skin’ when it comes to choosing your skincare routine. Perhaps this means taking some time to decide what you truly want from your Fresh Face Mask, and considering as well how often you’ll be using it. You’ll find you’re not only directing your skin’s journey to health and happiness, but also perhaps embracing the philosophy of food for the face!

Written by Leigh Casbourne