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Oct 10.9

Making it fresh: The Sacred Truth Fresh Face Mask

Posted In: Behind the Scenes >> Fresh >> Handmade

How do we make the freshest face masks in the world? By hand, of course!


Our Fresh Face Masks are handmade every week in our kitchens using only the freshest ingredients. The refrigerator and pantry are bursting with fresh fruit, vegetables, butters, clays, essential oils and herbal infusions; all expertly-selected for their beautiful effects on the skin. Using only fresh ingredients ensures that our finished product contains high concentrations of the beneficial vitamins, minerals, proteins and fats that make our customers’ skin radiant!

Our lovely compounders invited us behind the scenes in the Fresh room to sneak a peek at how these remarkable ingredients are diced, mashed and blended to become our gorgeous The Sacred Truth fresh face mask that works to brighten and hydrate the skin.

SLICE: We slice up 13 pounds of fresh papaya by hand using paring knives.

SQUEEZE: About 7 ounces of freshly cut wheatgrass is blended with the sliced papaya and glycerin, then hand-squeezed through cheesecloth to yield a juice. CRACK: Approximately 33 locally-sourced free run eggs are carefully cracked into the mixture.

STEEP: Roughly 11 ounces of ginko leaf is steeped in 2.5 gallons of boiling water with flax seed to create a nutrient-rich infusion. MIX: Organic yogurt, shea butter, green tea infusion and the rest of Sacred Truth’s gorgeous ingredients are added and mixed up in our large-scale mixer for 30 minutes until it’s just the right consistency; smooth and fluffy.

FILL: About 680 black pots are filled with a single 140 pound batch of Sacred Truth and labeled with the compounder’s smiling face sticker, ready to be shipped directly to our shops and taken home by you!

The Sacred Truth can’t hold back the hands of time, but it does make the best of the skin you’ve got. Rich, softening free-run eggs restore moisture while papaya brightens the skin, leaving you glowing! By using the freshest ingredients possible, we ensure the ultimate benefits of the nutrients on the skin. Our masks are marked with a best before date of three weeks after being made. Your face mask should be used as a treatment, applied once or twice a week to refresh and deep cleanse the skin and stored in the refrigerator when not in use. Read more about each of our Fresh Face Masks online or pop by your local shop for a skincare consultation. Remember, because of the fresh factor and their need to be refrigerated, we only sell Fresh Face Masks in-store.