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Sep 09.14

Join us in celebrating World Peace Day on September 21st!

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World Peace Day is September 21st, and we’re using our websites and shops (over 860 worldwide at last count!), to help share the message.

Right now, only 4% of people worldwide know about World Peace Day. And the less people who know about Peace Day, means that there’s less pressure for governments to implement it and create change. And that’s why we’re working with Peace One Day to do our part to raise awareness. The more people who know about World Peace Day the more powerful it becomes.

Peace One Day is a non-profit organization founded in 1999, by Jeremy Gilley in an effort to establish an annual day of global ceasefire and non-violence. Impartial, and independent of any government, political, corporation, or religious creed, Peace One Day works to raise awareness, advocate, and engage the global community to observe World Peace Day. Through its actions, Peace One Day was instrumental in getting the United Nations to officially recognize September 21 as World Peace Day in 2001, with the aim of encouraging temporary ceasefire in areas of conflict, in order to allow humanitarian aid access.

Peace Day activities take place all over the world including peace building, development and the delivery of life saving supplies and vaccines. The impact of Peace Day has been incredible. 4.5 million people have benefitted from polio vaccinations in Afghanistan since 2007, and in 2008 the U.N. recorded a 70% reduction in violent incidents in Afghanistan alone. In 2010, Peace One Day instigated a total of 88 life-saving and humanitarian activities by 28 organizations in 31 countries. This year, the 2013 campaign is aiming to increase the awareness of Peace Day to 600 million people. Just imagine what can be achieved on one day with an increase of awareness and visibility.

Take Action: What you can do to make peace a reality

Peace starts with individual action. Who Will You Make Peace With? is the theme of this year’s World Peace Day celebration, to encourage all of us to look at what we can do in our own lives to promote peace. It’s not just about countries, borders, and governments - every single person can make a difference just by considering their words and actions and making a commitment to peace. Whether it’s resolving a conflict at home, workplace, or community - no matter how small, everyday acts of kindness can help to make peace a reality.

Most importantly, you can take action just by spreading the word and raising awareness about World Peace Day with your family and friends. Use twitter to share who you’re going to make peace with @lushcosmetics and @peaceoneday.

Like Peace One Day on Facebook and then use your personal Facebook page to host the Peace Day celebrations with a live feed from around the globe.

Get involved, learn more about Peace One Day and find out what activities are happening in your community here.

Who will you make peace with?