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Nov 11.21

Introducing the LUSH Spa: The Ultimate LUSH Experience

Posted In: Behind the Scenes

Have you ever chosen how you’d like to feel after a massage? Watched a worry literally vanish before your eyes, or been so deeply relaxed after a spa treatment that your body felt light and free? If you haven’t, it’s because you haven’t had a LUSH Spa treatment… yet.

We’re excited to announce the long-awaited opening of the LUSH Spa in early 2014! New York City and Philadelphia will proudly host the first two LUSH Spas in North America, but this is an extension of our company that has been in development since 2008.

The LUSH Spa provides luxurious fresh, handmade treatments with a touch of magic in a traditional English Spa setting. It’s the ultimate LUSH experience. With treatments ranging from transformational full-body massages to playful chocolate scrubs—it’s the innovative experience you’ve come to expect from LUSH and so much more. Our treatments are created in-house by our talented team of therapists, inventors and musicians, and especially-composed soundtracks accompany each one, indulging the senses and allowing you to sink even deeper into the experience. Every aspect of your visit is considered, from the moment you step into the treatment room, to the drink you enjoy at the end.

Our signature treatment Synesthesia sets the tone for the entire menu, an 80-minute full body massage that merges each of your five senses. Choose from eleven different emotional states based on how you would like to feel by the end of the treatment, and relax as we pick you up from one frame of mind, take you on a beautiful journey, and gently put you down in another. Depending on the word you chose, the light in the treatment room will change, the massage bar fragrance will evoke that feeling and even your cup of tea at the end will help to reinforce your desired state of mind. The Synesthesia music was composed by Simon Emerson and recorded live by the Night Jar orchestra just for LUSH.

While the LUSH Spa celebrates what it truly means to have an indulgent spa treatment, it’s also the ultimate LUSH experience. We’ve incorporated some of our most loved inventions, like the massage bar, into our treatments, and each of our spa products is handmade with fresh ingredients. In the spirit of innovation, we’ve even invented brand new luxuries to bring your spa experience to the next level—as is the case with our solid facial serum, Full of Grace.

The LUSH Spa experience is one that is meant to be just that—experienced. So I’ll leave you with an open invitation to indulge in the fresh, innovative and deeply personalized delights of our English Spa beginning in January 2014.


Meet Tina

Originally from Philadelphia, Tina's LUSH story began in London, England where she started as an intern at the Covent Garden shop in 2009. Pretty soon she was managing the LUSH Spa on Kings Rd, where she became engrossed in the holistic and magical atmosphere of the Spa.  Since then she has tried her hand at Product Training and PR but her passion for the Spa brought her back to the States to open the first LUSH Spas in North America.