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Mar 03.8

10 Things You Might Not Know About EGGS!

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 Eggs add life to damaged hair, and promote healthy skin functions too. Binding together other ingredients in Fresh Face Masks and hair care, eggs are an important ingredient in many LUSH favorites, including Cosmetic Warrior Fresh Face Mask and H’Suan Wen Hua Hair Moisturizer.

1. In Maya culture, the color yellow is associated with life. One of the primary examples supporting this is the color of an egg yolk.

2. Eggs contain protein and a host of vitamins and minerals that encourage hair’s conditioning in products like H’Suan Wen Hua Hair Moisturizer, Curly Wurly Shampoo and Shine So Bright Split End Treatment. These are products targeted for the most thirsty, lack-luster hair!

3. All that protein makes them effective in a restorative function on the hair, building tensile strength, which increases the hair’s ability to withstand tension. Imagine the difference a pair of gloves would make if you were about to climb a rope. The rough rope might otherwise shred up your hands, but the gloves give you more traction, increasing your tensile strength.

4. A Hen may lay around 365 eggs per year, but this can (free-)range quite a bit. Though their ovulation varies for as many reasons any human females’, most hens lay an egg every 25-36 hours.

5. Stabilizing Curly Wurly without use of synthetically-made preservatives is a prime example of the blending magic that the proper mix of ingredients can result in; the divine coconut-enthused shampoo defines itself as neither solid or liquid shampoo, but unto its own! It doesn’t lather like other shampoos, but then it isn’t meant to.

6. Chickens are believed to have been domesticated since 7,000 BCE, and likely have their earliest ancestry traced back to jungle fowl in Southeast Asia.

7. Eggs provide a protective coating to the outer layers of the hair, tiny shingles called “cuticles”. When the cuticles lay flat on top of one another, they reflect light-- which promotes shine and a more lustrous overall look.

8. While not a vegan ingredient, LUSH takes great care in sourcing eggs from reliable, humane sources. Find out more about the Vancouver-based supply of fresh, free-range Eggs from Rabbit River Farms and their pioneering practices here.

9. The term “egg on your face” is a term that indicates embarrassment, indicating chagrin over some social gaffe or mistake. The phrase is likely American in origin, thought to be colloquial language from the middle of the last century.

10. Cosmetic Warrior Fresh Face Mask employs eggs properties to soothe skin stressed by an active breakout. Eggs counter any drying effects that the strong antibacterial garlic and tea tree oil might have—creating harmony on the skin, and promoting a balance of sebum production to avoid further breakouts.

LUSH r-egg-onizes the ability that eggs have to whip hair and skin back into shape—all yolks aside! Eggs offer the perfect food for hungry hair and skin, and are an important ingredient to products we can’t imagine living without.