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Jun 06.15

Employee Profiles: LUSH Dads

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2-4-6-8! Who do we appreciate? LUSH Dads!

These guys are not only colleagues that make working at LUSH dynamic and inspiring, but are fathers at home, raising kids with their values (and tremendously good hygiene). This Father’s Day, we tip our hats to all of those LUSH gents that bring so much to their jobs and co-workers, as well as their beautiful families at home. And we’re not just talking about personalized batches of FUN for their kids!

We asked seven LUSH Dads to talk about what crosses between home life and LUSH for them, how they get laughs from their kiddos, and gathered up suggestions for future products from their offspring. And of course, with summer on the mind - where would they head for a dream vacation?

Read on for their answers, and adorable family photos.

Graham Brown LUSH Dad

As one of the first LUSH employees in North America, Graham Brown has helped raise our business, as well as his family.

Graham’s planning and forecasting skills as Director of Manufacturing work double-duty at home - where he is not only a master of bath time, but keeps his boys’ sports teams and activities organized with spreadsheets. Soon enough, he’ll have to add another column: He and his wife Brenda, along with sons Fraser and Gavin, ages 10 and 8, (and the whole LUSH family) welcomed daughter Evangeline this year, who will be just 4 months old by Father’s Day. So what would this fun, musical family create in the LUSH Labs? Grab a spoon: “Shower Gel made with dark chocolate, a Bath Bomb with chocolate inside, a caramel Bath Bomb with a caramel inside...they like to eat dessert during bath time. I guess they want to combine them!” Graham has been a part of LUSH North America since our get-go in 1996. What is the best part of working here, while having a family at home for him? He says, “I have a fantastic wife and kids that make working hard at LUSH all worth it! And that the business is supportive of flexible schedules and puts value on family responsibilities.”

Dad to two boys at home, Mark Parrott from our Web Team says of working here: “The cool thing about LUSH is that you don't leave your soul, morals or personality at the door. The person you are at home is the same person that works at the office all day.Supporting others, working hard, having fun and making a positive impact go hand in hand.”

Mark has told his elder son London, “work is like school so they probably think I learn to write letters, draw pictures and read books” all day long. So where would the family head for a dream vacation? With children named London and Roman, one might think the family is off to Europe, but no. Hong Kong Disneyland, here they come (someday). And what new LUSH products would they invent in a LUSH Lab? Mark reports, “It would probably be shaped like a Dragon or another Robot product if they had a say in the mold.”

Mike Elliot Employee Profile at LUSH

LUSH Manufacturing’s Mike Elliott says the best thing about working for LUSH while having a family is, “Being able to come home feeling like I put in a good day at work that made a difference, which provides me the peace of mind to concentrate on my family while I am at home.”

Mike’s learned over the years something that’s helped with both areas: “Patience, stuff doesn’t happen overnight at home or at LUSH.” So what’s his daughter’s pick for a personalized product? She “desperately wants an Ickle Baby Bot Shower Jelly”. That would be lovely for a summer holiday…say, somewhere idyllic like Ibiza, the family vacation destination. Of his time with his family there, Mike says he “can’t imagine a better place.” We can easily imagine why!

Employee Profile, Brandon Lee of LUSH

When Brandon Lee wants to get a laugh from his kid, the LUSH Maine Mall Manager puts on a British accent: “We do a lot of accents in the house. Ez has his Texas accent down, British is coming along nicely. His Russian needs some work.” So would they head to Russia, then, on a dream vacation? Nope--even further: “I would love to take my family into low Earth orbit, perhaps a trip to the international space station. We all LOVE science, especially the spacey part of it.” His son Ezra is very clear on what his dad does all day, as an “unofficial mascot, always showing up in costume for our parties. He has personally sold some Honey Trap and a Phoenix Rising to customers who happened to wander across his path during one of his visits.” So naturally this little LUSHie must have a great suggestion for a product:

“Ezra would like to invent a hair conditioning bar shaped like a book that would be called "Chapter Two". It would be blue but smell like strawberries. Actually an open book shape would be great for wiping it onto your head. The kid's a genius.”

LUSH Employee Profile, Stephen Dynes

For LUSH Dad Stephen Dynes, with two teenagers, there is alignment between values at home and work on the Retail Support Team for LUSH North America: “LUSH’s values in regards to ethical treatment of animals, charitable giving, human rights and the environment reflect the same values I try to instill with my kids. That’s very important to me.”

How does the father of Conor, 18, and Kathryn, 13, describe life at home? “Busy, fun, random, secure, puzzling (I do have 2 teenagers here…)” His daughter’s been thinking of ways to improve LUSH’s packaging--with an idea for “Awesome backpacks that you can use for schoolbooks and also stuff with LUSH.” That would certainly be useful for the family’s dream get-away to New Zealand!

LUSH Employee Profile, Chad Ofiara

“LUSH is such a fun company to work for and everyone who works there is amazing so I feel like I am lucky because I have two awesome families!”

Chad Ofiara, Manager at our Lush Orlando Airport location, knows a lot about making people happy, including creating world-class bubble beards for daughter Kira. Chad tells us “Being a dad, I feel like I know what kids really like. I'm always telling people about Kira's favorite LUSH products and how she loves bath time.” Kira, a budding swimmer, will certainly remember some shared perks from Dad’s career: “I had the chance to make her a custom one-of-a-kind Bath Bomb: a Dragons Egg bomb with a Mrs Whippy mold on one side and a Space Girl mold on the other side with tons of popping candy in it. I also added the flower that goes in Sex Bomb and the jet packs from Rocketeer so it moved around the tub as well.” She must have LOVED it - and all the smiles Dad makes at work and home too.

LUSH Employee Profile, Chris Smith

Of course, even somewhere like LUSH isn’t only fun and games. For all of our Manufacturing and Retail maintenance, facilities and safety issues, Chris Smith keeps us all on our toes (while still being fun). He says his daughter “Lily just turned 2 so pretty much everything makes her laugh, spinning her around, hanging her upside down, piggy back rides...for anyone with a 2 year old, you can see how my safety background comes into play at home as well: 2-year-olds are very similar to small drunk people.” That doesn’t deter this Safety Hero, who says one of the best things about being a LUSH Dad is “access to Bubble Bath and Bath Bombs, little drunk people love bubbles!”

If he could take his family anywhere in the world, they’d “explore Canada in an RV, and make our way sightseeing, hot springing, and fishing.” Sounds like very happy trails, with a lot of fun with bubbles along the way.

Each of these guys comes to work each day with a special contribution to our larger business, and plays an important role in keeping things afloat. The experiences they have at home only enhance their role; as the LUSH community grows our business becomes better for it. Thank you to all of the LUSH Dads featured here, for your dedication to the company. We also say thank you to your families, for the support and inspiration they provide so you can be great at your jobs!

Happy Father’s Day to ALL Dads across LUSH Land and elsewhere, we hope it’s a relaxing and fun weekend.