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Jul 07.18

Make it: D’Fluff Popsicles

Posted In: DIY

We’ve got a whole batch of new products and one of them is our incredibly skin-softening D’Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap. It’s made with fresh strawberries, maple sugar and egg whites to give it that signature fluffy texture. We were so inspired by this marshmallowy-like soap that we couldn’t resist turning it into a sweet treat.

Nice Pops YVR

To begin, we enlisted the help of Faeryll and Melissa – two LUSH compounders who are also the faces behind Nice Pops. This dynamic duo handcrafts delicious popsicles using only the freshest seasonal ingredients and delivers them all over town with their bicycle cart. For the last three summers, they’ve been creating flavors like Rhubarb + Strawberry and Rhubarb Ginger + Honey with Cream; and with strawberry season upon us, they helped us make our own D’Fluff-inspired pops. They’re so easy to make, you’ll be whippin’ up a fresh batch in no time!

Makes: 10-12 popsicles, depending on your molds

Prep time: about 10 minutes

Freeze time: 5-7 hours, depending on your freezer


Here’s what you’ll need to start:
- Reusable ice pop molds (if you don’t have reusable molds, use any freezable container you like: try using a small glass jar, ice cube tray or cups)
- A spatula or spoon
- A blender or food processor
- A freezer (with enough space to house your frozen treats)
- Ingredients as set out in the image below

D'Fluff Popsicle Recipe

Step 1. Wash and stem your strawberries. Then, cut them in half and purée them in a food processor or blender.

Step 2. Place your strawberry purée into a bowl and add the maple syrup, coconut milk and vanilla. Mix well with a spatula or spoon.

Mixing ingredients

Step 3. Give it a taste. Adjust as necessary. Note: your mixture might taste super sweet, but Melissa told us, “Don’t worry about that. Once they’re frozen, your popsicles won’t taste quite as sweet. Only delicious.”

Fill your molds

Step 4. Fill your molds and pop them in the freezer. Wait 5-7 hours to completely freeze. Note: if you’re using popsicle sticks, pre-freeze your batches in the mold for about an hour. Since your popsicles won’t be completely frozen, it’ll help keep those sticks standing tall (and straight).

Step 5. Enjoy!

D'Fluff Strawberry Pop

It’s just that easy to create healthy and delicious summer treats that will help beat the heat. And if you’re around Vancouver, look for Faeryll and Melissa with their bicycle cart loaded with fresh local ice pops. Nice Pops is popping up everywhere including Farmer’s Markets, outdoor events and in select stores. Or, you can follow them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to find out where they’ll be hanging out next!