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Mar 03.24

Make it: Vegan bunny cupcakes

Posted In: DIY

Our favorite things about Easter? That’s easy: bunnies and treats! In fact, we love them so much that we created the adorable Bunny Bubble Bar so you can hop into the tub with the most irresistibly soft and silky bubbles. He’s also cute, vegan and the inspiration for some seriously delicious bunny cupcakes that we couldn’t resist making. All of our bunnies and LUSH-inspired treats are cruelty-free and perfect for filling your Easter baskets along with a Bunch of Carrots, Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb, and our brand new Golden Egg.

Vegan gluten free cupcakes

Perfect for making 8 adorable LUSH-inspired bunny cupcakes.


The cupcakes 
Since bunnies love carrots, we decided that our favorite vegan and gluten-free carrot cake recipe would be perfect for our cupcakes. We just dropped this delicious batter into cupcake tins (instead of a pan) to create a carrot cake that no bunny would be able to resist. It should make 8 cupcakes.

The frosting
Check out this vegan and gluten-free frosting we found from Oh She Glows. Not only is it a cinch to whip up, but it’s so delicious you’ll want to slather everything with it. One 13 oz (398 mL) can should be enough for your 8 cupcakes.

Once you’ve got your cupcakes and frosting ready, it’s time to turn them into adorable bunnies!

2 cups of flaked coconut
8 vegan jellybeans
16 vegan marshmallows
6 tbsp of vegan sprinkles or decorating sugars
16 vegan chocolate chips
2 tbsp melted vegan chocolate
1 small plastic sandwich bag (recycled, if possible)

STEP 1: Place the decorating sugars or sprinkles and flaked coconut into separate small bowls.

STEP 2: Are your cupcakes cool? It’s time to frost them!

STEP 3: Once frosted, gently dip the frosted side of each cupcake into the flaked coconut to create a “furry face” look.

STEP 4: Cut the marshmallows in half. Dip them (sticky side down) in the sugar or sprinkles. Repeat for remaining marshmallows.

Vegan marshmallow

STEP 5: Fill the small plastic bag with frosting and snip a tiny corner from it. Pipe frosting around the outer edge of the marshmallow and dip them in coconut to cover. Repeat with the other marshmallows.

STEP 6: The ears should sit on their own right on top of the cupcake, but if not, you can secure them by piping a bit of the frosting on the bottom of the ears to keep them in place.

Bunny ear

STEP 7: Pipe two dots of frosting for the eyes and add the chocolate chips, pointy end down. Pipe a bit of frosting for the nose and place the jellybean on top.

Vegan Cupcake

STEP 8: Wash and reuse the small bag. Fill it with the melted chocolate, keeping in mind the snipped corner. Gently pipe the whiskers on each side of the jellybean nose. Repeat with the remaining cupcakes.

STEP 9: That’s it! Your adorable bunnies are ready to be enjoyed and added to all your Easter baskets. Whatever you choose, they’re a treat that every bunny will be excited to discover.

Do you have any favorite Easter-inspired recipes that you love? We’d love to try them all! Just share them in the comments below.