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Aug 08.26

Anatomy of a Massage Bar

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What makes LUSH Massage Bars different from the rest?

Well, to start with, we invented them! But that's not all; from the way they are made (by hand, with love), to the ingredients that are used (fresh, fair trade and often organic), our bars are truly a unique LUSH creation . Let's take a look at Therapy, our 100% certified organic massage bar. What makes us love it so much?

LUSH Massage Bars are solid, sold Naked, and preservative-free

Invention & Innovation 

We use the terms "invention" and "innovation" quite a lot, but what exactly do they mean? In the case of massage bars, LUSH Co-founder Mark Constantine invented them while on his bike riding to the chocolate shop. He was struck with the thought of how wonderful it would be to have a chocolate or cocoa butter bar used for massage that just melts onto the skin. Yes, it is wonderful - a stroke of genius! As for innovation, that means taking a product already invented and improving upon it. Just recently we began a new process to aerate some of our massage bars, making them melt faster on the skin and feel lighter and softer. This new aeration technique has been rolled out with our Therapy bar. We're always inventing and innovating here at LUSH!

Massage Bars made by hand with cocoa and Shea butter


Many of our products are unpackaged, or as we like to call it, naked! Making traditional liquid products into solids means we can take out the preservatives and packaging too. This also means they're friendly to your skin and friendly to the environment too! We like to get our products naked whenever we can, which is why we've made solid shampoo bars, solid bubble bars, solid body butters and even solid hair conditioners. Our naked massage bars provide a perfect excuse to get in the buff ourselves and share a blissful massage moment with our partner.


We sell cruelty-free vegetarian products, and in the case of Therapy, vegan too! With our strict policy against animal testing, we ensure neither our products nor the ingredients are tested on animals. We even go so far as to ensure our suppliers don't test any of their ingredients on animals. So how do we test our products? On humans of course! Groups of volunteers must endure a lovely massage bar being rubbed into their sore muscles. All those butters heating up and melting into the skin, essential oils fill the air with aroma. It's a tough job but somebody has to do it!

LUSH Massage Bars

High quality, Fair Trade & Organic Ingredients

We go to great lengths to buy our essential oils and raw materials ethically. For Therapy massage bar, we use PEACE Community Cocoa Butter from Columbia. It 's both organic and Fair Trade. We ensure that farmers are getting a fair price for their cocoa butter and thereby help the community sustain themselves and raise awareness of human rights and injustices in Columbia. The organic lavender and organic neroli oils in Therapy are of the highest quality. We have creative buyers out in the field creating one-on-one relationships with suppliers, ensuring quality and ethical business practices.

Try a Massage Bar, a mess-free alternative to massage oil

Fresh & Handmade Luxury

We make our Therapy massage bars fresh, by hand in the massage bar room in our cosmetic kitchen. First we melt down the organic Shea and cocoa butters, and then we add the three essential oils, neroli, orange and lavender. We then pour the liquid from pitchers into molds. We set them on bakery racks and pull them into our cooler where they solidify, once they're already to go we send them fresh and at their best straight to shops and out to you!

Therapy massage bar is just one of the beautiful, naked products we invented. You can feel good about rubbing one in at the end of a long hard day, knowing it's cruelty-free and made with top-notch, organic ingredients, by hand with love. Enjoy!