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Apr 04.2

Meet our newest Charity Pot partners

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Our Charity Pot team is a busy bunch! Every quarter, they work tirelessly to find a new group of charitable organizations to add to the Charity Pot family and we’re thrilled to introduce you to our newest additions! Since 2007, Charity Pot has donated nearly $5 million to over 400 grassroots organizations in 35 countries. These charities work on behalf of the environment, animal protection and human rights, and we couldn’t have helped them without you! With every Charity Pot hand and body lotion sold, we donate 100% of the purchase price to Charity Pot projects. Canadian Biotechnology Action Network

One of the organizations we’ve recently welcomed to the family is the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network (CBAN). CBAN works to educate citizens in Canada and around the world about the environmental and social impacts of genetically engineered (GE) crops and foods. This non-profit organization researches, monitors and develops strategic campaigns on GEs to promote democratic decision-making and food sovereignty, which gives citizens the right to have a say in how agricultural systems operate, and to stop the spread of genetically modified organisms (GMOs).Peaceful Demonstration

To achieve their goals, CBAN researches and monitors new GE technologies and organizations to compile credible, up-to-date information that they make readily available for consumers and governments. They encourage citizens everywhere to learn more about commercially available foods and the effect of GMOs, while facilitating collaborative campaigning across local, regional, national and international levels to get their message out to the public. Plus, their efforts aren’t just targeted to individuals; they also challenge governments worldwide to be transparent and accountable for how GMOs are regulated and used.

CBAN Banner

To continue their ongoing research, CBAN has developed a program that will document and evaluate genetically modified organism (GMO) experiments in Canada over the next 20 years. Charity Pot funds are lending a helping hand by covering some of the costs associated with this long-term endeavor. CBAN’s goal is to complete the project and create an in-depth report of their findings for citizens and governments alike, which they will use to continue raising the profile and social critiques of GMOs in our society.

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