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May 05.23

Memorial Day: Extend Your Weekend With LUSH

Posted In: LUSH Life

Car dealerships host blow-out sales, red, white and blue bunting is brought out, we’re firing up grills and tucking heavy sweaters away - May is almost over, but summer is arriving fast.

Though it has significant origins and meaning, Memorial Day has also been adopted as the unofficial kick-off of the summer season. A lot of people go out of town to enjoy the extra day off. Others enjoy taking on a project at home or in the garden, or having friends over for a cookout. Maybe you unplug all gadgets and finally have a weekend without an inbox (how luxurious does that sound?). There’s a million ways to enjoy any weekend, but we especially love a long, lingering one.

Here are a few great ways to make the weekend last even longer:

Relax, Take A Bath

Floating Island may not physically take you somewhere else, but it can mentally. Draw your tub full of water, set the cupcake-shaped Luxury Bath Melt in the water and it will gently bob along, like a floating atoll, gently dissolving into rich froth. Lemon, sandalwood and the sweet scent of melted cocoa butter swirl beautifully in the perfume that lasts on skin and in the air for ages after the bath is over. It’s an easy way to take a trip without leaving your bathroom.

Give Feet A Digit-al Revolution

While you’re in the tub, or out relaxing on the grass for that matter, take a few minutes for your toes. They deserve a break this weekend as much as you do, so give them a zippy scrub with Stepping Stone. Break off a bit, and rub directly onto your wet feet and toes. It can also be mixed in your palm to make a paste, and then applied. Either way, the lemongrass will refresh all ten toes and your tired soles, too. Pumice and sea salt soften up rough skin, while cocoa butter and jojoba oil leave them flip-flop ready.

Treat Yo Self Hair

Treatments are pure, luscious goodness for the scalp and strands - and are a perfect LUSH treat when you have time in your weekend. Monday-through-Friday is often too hectic for this kind of added step in a routine. But if you're going to be in the tub on your weekend already, why not slather on a Hair Treatment like Jasmine and Henna Fluff-Eaze? These are pre-treatments for the hair, created with nutritious oils and herbal infusions to soften, hydrate and add vitality back into hair. You can shampoo it out at the end of your bath, and have silky, perfumed hair for the rest of the week.

Go on, crack open another cold root beer, and enjoy yourself. Our lives can get busy, and before we know it, we’re rolling the grill back into storage, and reaching for our warm layers again. Carving out an extra few minutes for a LUSH treat is a great way to extend your long weekend, or at least the feeling of summer calm.

However you commemorate this Memorial Day, we hope it’s meaningful and gives you time to relax and remember what’s important to you.