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May 05.9

Being a Working Mum at LUSH

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We have some amazing working moms at LUSH, we appreciate and respect their dedication and contributions at work, knowing that everyday they have to go home and give that same energy and enthusiasm to their kids.

If their creativity and hard work at home is anything like what they bring to the table at work, we can only imagine what powerful children they are raising! We asked a few moms what its like being a mom and working for LUSH.

Erika Edwards from Marketing and Charitable Givings in Vancouver says, “Being part of the LUSH family, and being a Mom works well because there is understanding and support from co-workers and management that you have Mom responsibilities outside of work that are important, and having a work/life balance is encouraged.”

That’s great to hear from our Head Office employees; but LUSH has mom employees across North America, many of whom travel extensively in their roles. Ginny Stanley from the Retail Support Team based in Chicago agrees with Erika, “Being a mom and being a LUSH employee are a great combination because LUSH doesn't make me choose between being a good mom and being a good employee. They make it easy to devote the time I need to my family”. Even with her travel schedule, Ginny is able to work around her families needs and still be a pro at her job.

LUSH give moms the opportunity to expand their personal growth and nurture their passions outside of their demanding home life. Aimee O’Donnell Saunders contributes to the Content Team from her home in San Francisco, “I have had opportunities of many lifetimes as a LUSH employee, while being encouraged as a mom.” But its not just about your employer being understanding and flexible with your kids needs, you and your family need to be dedicated to the success of your career as well, sometimes that means peeling your kid off your leg and getting on a plane for a 10-day tour of our buying operation in India – because when are you ever going to be able to do that again? Aimee adds, “I am lucky to have networks that support me both at home and on the job--and though it can be challenging to balance it all sometimes, I would not want my life any other way.

So LUSH moms can have it all? Nicole Monteleone, Store Manager of our Lenox Square location in Atlanta thinks so, “I am given so many opportunities for personal development. I have traveled across the world, worked in Shops in other countries and have had the opportunity to meet our founders. I also happen to have THE best smelling kid on the playground.”

Kids also like that their moms work for LUSH, although they are confused that they all aren’t making Bath Bombs and bubble bars, says Erika, “My 5 yr old son, thinks that me going to work every day has got to be so fun with my work friends because I get to make Bath Bombs. In the evenings, he asks me what I did that day and I tell him that I worked on my computer, was on the phone and in meetings.” The great news is that a LUSH mom can show up home after a long day of work, all she needs is the newest Bath Bomb, bubble bar, or some FUN and she’ll be her kid's hero again. Best part, they’ll spend at least thirty minutes busy in the bath while she gets mommy time.

Thank you to, Erika Edwards from Marketing and Charitable Givings, Ginny Stanley from Sales Force Central, Aimee O’Donnell Saunders from Content, and Nicole Monteleone from Retail Management. And Happy Mother’s Day to all LUSH working mommy's!