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Apr 04.21

Mother’s Day Crafternoon: Recycled Paper Flowers

Posted In: DIY

This Mother’s Day, we’ve created gorgeous limited edition indulgences and gifts for Mum, largely inspired by the beauty of flowers. From our Rose Bubble Bar to Secret Garden Bath Bomb to our hydrangea-adorned Mum gift, flowers have certainly played an important role in this year’s Mother’s Day collection.

To complement these floral bathtime goodies, we’ve made our own adorable flowers with recycled materials. Follow along and make your own bouquet to give Mum along with some LUSHious delights!

What you’ll need:

Several sheets of paper (try recycled magazines, reused gift wrap, or old issues of the LUSH Times)

Wire (florist’s wire or pipe cleaners work well)


Glue gun


1. Start by cutting a circle from your paper. Ours is about 5 inches across, but you can make yours any size you like. The larger the circle, the bigger your flower will be!

2. Begin cutting in a spiral formation towards the center of the circle.

3. Starting at the outside edge of your spiral, roll the paper tightly.

4. Continue rolling until you get to the center. Allow the coil to loosen slightly.

5. Use your glue gun to add hot glue to the bottom of your coil.

6. Press the end of your coiled paper into the bottom of the flower and hold it firmly for a moment until the glue sets.

7. Bend a quarter-inch length of your wire at a 90-degree angle, then glue onto the bottom of the flower to create a stem.

These charming flowers will make the perfect accent on your Mother’s Day brunch table, or amongst a gorgeous bunch of Bubble Bar wands. Get creative by using the recycled materials you have on hand to give them a personal touch.

Happy crafting!