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Mar 03.7

My LUSH Spa Experience: Validation

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We’re still riding high on the excitement of opening our first LUSH Spas in North America this past January.

While both the Philadelphia and New York spas are definitely worthy of a special trip, we know that not everyone is lucky enough to live close to a LUSH Spa. Don’t worry! LUSH product and brand trainer Erica Vega is here to take you behind the scenes and share her personal experience receiving a Validation treatment at our LUSH Spa on Lexington Avenue in New York City. Take it away, Erica!

I am running late for my Validation treatment at the LUSH Spa in New York. The city has been hard on me today; I am hungry and irritable. I dash into a bakery and stuff a croissant into my mouth on the street, dropping crumbs all over my coat and feeling icy water dripping through my hair from some scaffolding above. After brushing the crumbs away and a couple of deep breaths, I step into the LUSH shop.

Instantly, I feel better. Smiles and familiar smells greet me as the staff let my therapist know I have arrived. By the time I have a moment to take in the beautiful new shop, my therapist Ellysha comes to take me up to the spa.

As I go up the stairs, I can already feel myself letting go of the city, and when the door opens, I am in an English cottage kitchen.

It’s bright and friendly and quiet. Mismatched teacups hang from hooks. There’s a kettle bubbling and fresh flowers on the rustic kitchen table, where my spa therapist pulls out a chair for me.

Ellysha is kind and calm. After settling in and chatting for a few minutes, she takes me back downstairs into the shop to pick out a custom selection of products for me. Handing me a round slate palette, I follow her around tables of skincare. We stop at each product, as she talks me through them but lets me decide what I’d like to try. The palette fills with over a dozen products arranged in clockwork, right from the shop floor. The Validation treatment is meant to be not only a surprising facial massage to bring out your inner radiance, but also the ultimate understanding of LUSH skincare. I am familiar with everything, but even seeing the products on the slate reminds me that this will be all together different.

I’m led back up the stairs, though the kitchen and into a softly lit room, where I snuggle in under blankets, tinkling a little bell when I am ready for her. Over the next hour, I am rowed out in a boat on a misty sea of psychedelic whispers and returned to a sunny shore with children laughing. I am lovingly scrubbed, massaged, refreshed with chilled stones and comforted by hot ones. Each pass from cleanser to exfoliator to mask to massage was fluid and ever-changing, like a dance. I tear up at one point, out of sheer happiness and the music that felt like being held by my mother as she would hum to me, my head against her chest.

It’s hard to believe that I have just experienced products that I can and do use everyday; they felt so elevated under her steady hands.

My skin is happy and nurtured. I myself feel happy and nurtured. I get dressed and check myself out in the bathroom mirror. Validation has made me feel brave and comfortable in my own skin. I’m headed to dinner and a play tonight, and even though there is a shelf full of color for me to use, I just opt for a dash of perfume and a little Vibrance lip color. I head out into the New York evening on a cloud, without a stitch of makeup and feeling better than I have in weeks.

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