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Loranda Vazquez

Loranda's LUSH story begins fresh out of university. Knowing she wanted to write for a living, but not knowing where to start, she turned to her friends and family for words of wisdom. Loranda's father-in-law gave her the following advice: "Find a company that you love, and find out how to do what you love for that company". She applied at one place - LUSH.
Loranda began as a sales associate and voiced her dream of one day becoming a copywriter. In the shop, she learned about the brand, products and ingredients and moved into managing. Next she traveled around North America setting up new stores and training staff on LUSH merchandising with the Design Team. She practiced her LUSH writing every day! Finally a position opened up for copywriter - her dream job! Since the spring of 2009, Loranda's been writing for the LUSH Times, the website and everything in between.

Nov 11.4

NEW Retro Christmas Products

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We’re excited to announce the second round of Retro Christmas products, available in limited quantities online this month only!

In October we launched five fantastic Retro Christmas products, we have four for the month of November and five coming up in December. So without further ado, we’d like to welcome back to our lineup for November:


Glogg Shower Gel This warming, boozy body wash was invented just a few Christmas’ ago. It’s exactly the kind of warm spicy scent we want to lather up in on cold winter nights. With organic red wine, a shot of brandy, cinnamon and clove, Glogg really heats things up in the midst of winter.

“I have been waiting for the return of Glogg since I ran out!! This product is a great wake up in the shower in the morning, and the smell is like Christmas/winter heaven.... A must have for cold winter mornings to get the frost off and kick start your morning.” By kellynella from BC

Spice Mountain Soap We first launched this warm, spicy soap in 2004 and we still have requests for it every winter season. With mulled wine, clove and cinnamon, it smells a bit like Glogg but with fruitier orange oil undertones. Keep it on the edge of the tub or sink and lather up with spicy, cozy bubbles.

“I love spicy smells, so I couldn't resist something called "Spice Mountain". It smells so amazing, almost like cinnamon hearts, but not quite as sweet... in the shower, it definitely warms you up. I've already bought a second bar and I might have to stock up with a third or fourth before the season is over!” By Meg from BC

Fairy Tail Sugar Scrub In 2009 many of our holiday products were inspired by fairy tales, and this little sugar mouse was part of that magical range. With exfoliating sugar, softening coconut powder and a yummy strawberries and cream scent, he’s a real skin-softening treat.

“Ok I love this one this is by far the best! It is a soft scrub... and it smells just like Strawberry Fields Forever massage bar. I love it!” –By Jod from Ontario

Hot Toddy Bubble Bar Inspired by the traditional drink to warm you up on chilly nights, Hot Toddy bubble bar blends cinnamon, lemon, clove and patchouli. Crumble it up in the tub for mounds of spicy, soothing bubbles.

“This is my absolute favorite item from LUSH! Words can't describe how amazing this bubble bar smells. Even my husband, who is at best indifferent to bath products, couldn't get close enough to me after a Hot Toddy bath. He even commented on how soft my skin was! This one isn't available all the time, so stock up now. I know I plan to!” By Laynie from LA

Find these products and our entire 2013 Christmas range online here. Stock up before they’re gone!