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May 05.13

Pack It Up, Pack It In

Posted In: LUSH Life >> Green

We're not ashamed to say it - we get around.

We love it when you send us pictures of your trips when you spot LUSH shops in a new city, and the shots of your bags packed with our products safely included. Now that the warm weather is here, our thoughts naturally turn to vacations and time off to enjoy the season. Hopping on planes, trains, and automobiles. Travel by pedal, foot, and board. No matter where you're going this summer - to the lake for a weekend, a tour of a land afar, or backcountry to pitch a tent, let us be your trusty travel companion. Are you having a stay-cation in your city instead? Let's hang out.

Solid, naked products like shampoo bars, body butters, and toothy tabs are perfect for packing and you never have to worry about spillage, (or meeting size restrictions). Plus, shampoo bars and body butters can do double-duty. You can use a shampoo bar for your hair, as a body wash, and even as laundry soap in a pinch. Get scrubbed up and moisturize all in one handful with your favorite butter in a bar.

Packing for the plane? You can re-use your empty black pots to store your toiletries and solid products. While the size restrictions are frustrating to fit into carry-on baggage you don't need to compromise your skin or hair routine while you're on vacation - we have solid alternatives for your various needs and our liquid options also come in 100 ml sizes. From toners, to shower gels, shampoos, and conditioners - there's no reason to leave us behind.

Heading out for a hike or a camping trip? Not only are our deodorants aluminum and preservative-free, but they'll keep you smelling fresh even when you don't feel that way. No Drought is perfect for camping when there aren't tree showers readily available to wash your hair. Sprinkle a dusting of T for Toes into your boots to keep your feet dry and odor-free. You can also give a dusting to feet destined for sandals. You don't want to make new friends and then alienate people while hanging out at the beach.

Staying in town for a homegrown vacation? While you make a list of all of the parks, cafes, and attractions you want to visit have a soak in the tub with one of our Bath Bombs perfect for cool water bathing - Avobath and Big Blue. A cooling Fresh Face Mask is a surefire solution for hot afternoons, and a foot spa at home is always a treat. Whether you're going abroad or staying in the neighborhood, stop by your local shop or give Customer Care a call at: 1.888.733.5874 for suggestions on what to pack, travel solutions for your product faves, and fun ideas for vacationing LUSH-style.

Wherever you go this summer, take us with you.