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Jul 07.10

Sip back and relax - It’s Pina Colada Day!

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The original adult slushee drink, Pina Coladas’ traditional mix of rum, coconut cream and pineapple juice blended or shaken with ice says summer refreshment in every language.

2 delicious Pina Colada recipes

Traditional recipes leave the pina front and center, with the others playing supporting roles. Pineapples are very active fruit loaded with enzymatic bromelain to get busy in our systems. Drinking freshly juiced pineapple is an easy way to load up on vitamins that fight our aging process, so bottoms up! It only makes sense that using soap full of pineapple like Pineapple Grunt creates a happy shower before Happy Hour with action from the pineapple enzymes that polish skin with every wash.

Of course, what’s a pina without its colada? In the classic recipe, “cream of coconut” called for is a sugar-blended coconut cream. While delicious, it’s not what’s used in LUSH recipes for skin and hair. For extremely beautiful hair and skin benefits, we tap into coconuts’ many vitamins using as fresh and whole material we can get our hands on. Shredded bits of coconut teem in Curly Wurly Shampoo, our homage to the world’s largest seed, the coconut, and how lovely it hydrates thirsty hair. Like drinking coconut water (the liquid inside young coconuts) revives a tired athlete, using Curly Wurly offers a buttery, softening lather for brittle or dry hair. All that coconut is mixed with freshly juiced lemons and papayas, which (like pineapple, above) remove residues on the scalp and hair using enzymatic action. Curly Wurly (like every truly great cocktail) is beautifully crafted, carefully considered, and thoroughly balanced for its intention.

Enjoying a pina colada is a declaration of summer enjoyment and the added benefits from tasty ingredients like pineapple and coconut are the perfect garnish for the experience! This year we’re enjoying our Pina Coladas two ways. Mix up a batch and join us for Happy Hour:

The Classic Pina Colada

Puerto Rico is the homeland of the famous drink, where versions of its creation story occur in both the island's swashbuckling pirate-filled past as well as in swanky, mid-century cocktail hours. Fresh, quality ingredients will offer the most benefit inside and outside your body (which is why you’ll find them in LUSH products). A good happy hour starts with establishing time for it, and marking the transition of day-into-evening.

Pina Colada recipe, step by step

Here’s our Pina Colada recipe that will put an umbrella in your drink:

• 6 oz freshly juiced pineapple (about a half of one whole pineapple)

• 2 oz cream of coconut

• 2 oz rum; tradition calls for light Puerto Rican blends

• Enough crushed ice to fill the glass ½ way (add more or less, depending on your liking)

Add all ingredients in your blender, and whiz together until totally smooth. If you prefer, shake ingredients over ice and strain into cold glasses. Fresh wedges of pineapple (and maraschino cherries for some) are a delicious way to polish off the look.

The LUSH Life-saver

Sometimes we all need a different kind of happy hour. Starting with equal parts peace and quiet, pour yourself a restful cocktail with a comforting bath, fresh fruit to eat and drink, plus whatever your feel-good essentials are. This is prime time for slathering on a Fresh Face Mask, which will feed your skin healthy nourishment from vitamins and minerals in the fresh fruit and veggies in the masks, as well as benefits of essential oils and clays. Drinking fresh pineapple juice smoothie along with a mask will boost to your immune system, especially handy for the onset of a summer cold… or post-vacation malaise.

An alternative Pina Colada recipe perfect for sipping while having a bath

When you set sail for your next LUSH Bath, take a LUSH Life-saver with you:

• 6 oz pineapple juice (as fresh as possible)

• 2 oz coconut water

• Tiny splash (1/4 teaspoon or less) of vanilla absolute

Add all ingredients in your blender, and whiz together until totally smooth. If you prefer a slushier version, add in ice and whiz until smooth. Fresh fruit bursting with antioxidants and vitamins are your best garnish.

When it comes to summer, we don’t want to miss a thing, especially if there is a good reason to mix up a batch of frothy tropical drinks. But more important that packing it all in is the mental unpacking you can do when you sit and relax for a spell. In between the long days and warm evenings, and all the festivities and action within them, let there also be some relaxation.

Make more than just a drink for yourself--make the time in your schedule for doing whatever sounds most relaxing to you. That’s a notion worth raising a glass to!