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Aug 08.21

Ouch! Post-sun Skincare Tips

Whether you rocked out for a bit too long at that music festival or just forgot to reapply your sunscreen after taking a dip at the pool, spending too much time in the sun can really do a number on your skin.

Let’s take a look at why we get sunburns and how to care for your skin when it happens.

Lush Cosmetic Scientist and Product Inventor Dan Campbell explains: “The sun gives off a variety of radiation, the majority of which gets filtered out by our atmosphere. However, two high energy wavelengths do reach us and these are the high energy ultraviolet B (UVB) and really high energy ultraviolet A (UVA).” These high energy rays are powerful enough to cause sunburns and skin damage if we stay in the sun for too long or haven’t protected ourselves using sunscreen or clothing.

If you did slip up on your sunscreen applications and you’re dealing with a sunburn, here are some Lushious options for calming, cooling and soothing that suffering skin.

Dream Cream

Dream cream in use

Packed with soothing oat milk, which has been used to calm skin for centuries, plus restorative chamomile blue oil and rose water, this luxuriously simple hand and body lotion is one of our best sellers for good reason! Super hydrating olive oil and cocoa butter add lost moisture back into parched skin, making Dream Cream the perfect post-sun lotion.

Rosy Cheeks

With a base of calming calamine and soothing rose petals, Rosy Cheeks fresh face mask is a treat for sore, sunburnt skin. Apply it straight from the fridge for a cool and refreshing post-sun mask that whisks redness away.

Barbara using Rosy Cheeks

Eau Roma Water

If it’s a cooling, refreshing spritz your skin is craving, Eau Roma is up to the task! This no-nonsense toner is blended with soothing rose water to reduce redness and lavender water to calm and balance the skin. Pop it in the refrigerator and use it all over sunburnt skin for a seriously soothing experience.


Avobath fizzing away in the tub

Fancy a cool bath? The avocado butter and olive oil in Avobath Bath Bomb will help moisturize the dehydrated skin that can come with sunburn, while lemongrass and bergamot oils will refresh your sunny disposition. Its baking soda base is also a lovely calming, soothing ingredient that helps take the sting out of burns.

While the best thing to do for a sunburn is avoid getting one altogether, we know full well that it’s nearly impossible to avoid 100% of the time. With a few calming, soothing treats, your skin will be back to its happy self in no time. 

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