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Apr 04.6

Is Lush safe for pregnancy?

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We give you the low-down on some of the questions we get asked most about our products and pregnant moms.

Are Lush products safe for moms to be? What’s an appropriate Lush gift for someone who’s expecting? You want answers and we’re here to help!

Are Lush products safe to use during pregnancy?

Lush follows a set of guidelines created by the International Fragrance Association to ensure our perfume materials are well within safety levels for cosmetic use. So if used as they’re intended, Lush products are certainly safe during pregnancy.

There are precautions to take, though, right?

Absolutely! Much of the precautions about essential oils refer to ingesting them or using them directly on the skin, neither of which would apply to our products if they are used as they should be! The more common-sense precautions you take, the safer you and your baby will be, as well. Butterball may be just the right level of moisture for your itchy belly, but be sure not to run the water too hot. Keep it to lukewarm or slightly warmer, which won’t drastically raise the internal temperature of the amniotic fluid. While the product itself might not be harmful, you’ll always want to be smart about how and when you use it. The bigger your belly grows, the more off-balance you might feel, so it’s nice to have help settling into the tub (and climbing back out) to avoid slipping, and if you’ve used a product that has cocoa butter, like a luxury bath melt or a body butter, take care to rinse any leftover residue completely down the drain. Always talk to your doctor, midwife and other caregivers first about any concerns you might have.

Are there any products to avoid?

Every woman and pregnancy is different. A tingly foot mask might sound great to one, while the thought of even having to reach that far might turn another one right off. It’s ultimately up to your own preferences and level of comfort. We try to be as clear and transparent with our labeling and provide as much customer feedback on the products as possible on our webpages. This way, you’ll get the chance to read about what worked, what didn’t and what mistakes you can easily avoid. If you’re craving something Lush but aren’t sure, call us or visit your local shop – we’re always on hand to help you find what you need in a more pregnancy-friendly format.

Dream Cream on pregnant belly

I've used (insert your favorite Lush product here) for years! Why isn't it working for me now?

Hormonal changes and sometimes make your skin and hair feel and even look different during pregnancy. A personalized skincare consultation can help you determine what your skincare needs are presently, while giving you some much-needed guidance for finding a few products that might solve some longer-term needs. Fresh face masks, for example, offer a medley of fresh, active ingredients to treat skin’s immediate needs, so you’re left feeling balanced and maybe even a little bit like yourself again. There are some that are more soothing and gentle, while others will actively scrub out excess oils and congestion, but all of them will enhance that “pregnancy glow”.

What can I use for avoiding stretch marks?

Stretch marks are caused by skin literally stretching to accommodate rapid growth or weight loss. So keeping it as supple and hydrated as possible will help with its overall elasticity and tone. While genetics and other factors can play their part in stretch marks’ formation and appearance, one of the most highly regarded ingredients for moisturizing the growing belly is cocoa butter.

- We use this rich emollient in our world-famous Dream Cream as a nourishing and conditioning cream for delicate skin. The cocoa butter and olive oil combine with the extremely softening oat milk, which helps to calm any redness and itch that are sometimes caused by the stretching of the skin, as well.

- For bathtime, a soak with Butterball will help you feel relaxed, while also caressing your skin with slivers of melted cocoa butter. It’s a delicate, gentle and a customer-favorite way to add a bit of moisture to the tummy while delicately perfuming your entire body in heavenly ylang ylang.

- Tiny Hands is perfect to take anywhere so you’ve got instant dry skin relief throughout the day. Just like our Massage Bars, but made specifically for hands, you can stash this solid moisturizing bar into a tin and carry it with you wherever you go. On the hands or on the belly, this little bar’s loaded with creamy cocoa and shea butters to give you a bit of moisture when it’s needed.

Does Lush sell blocks of pure cocoa butter?

No, but have you seen our massage bars? They’re basically that, but way better! Made of cocoa and shea butters, these solid blocks are also blended with essential oils and other natural skin-loving materials. They melt on contact with your skin and easily glide over the tummy, arms, legs and anywhere else you want a bit of moisture. Although the fragrance comes down to individual tastes, two of our mildest and most sought-after bars are Peace and Therapy. Peace has a truly chocolate-like scent and a nourishing dose of olive oil to really condition skin, while Therapy is highly suggested to help improve skin’s appearance thanks to its cocoa butter base and the elasticity-building power of neroli essential oil.

Massaging peace massage bar on belly

What else is popular during pregnancy?

Feeling flushed? Whether it's the middle of summer or you're just feeling a bit warm and uncomfortable, our Lush Toners are a great way to cool off. Just mist over your face, belly and body. Keep a bottle of Eau Roma Water, Breath Of Fresh Air or Tea Tree Water right in the fridge and give yourself a quick misting when the temperatures rise to help feel cooler. Each one is an exquisite blend of botanical waters that will carry not only water but also essential oils’ properties into the skin. Some women love to use these during the labor process, as well, as a refreshing spritz to cool down from contractions, or just to help a delivery room feel or smell a bit more like home.

A lovely way to care for your changing body is to be sure you’re eating right, getting the recommended exercise your doctor suggests and using the finest, freshest ingredients as part of your skincare routine. However, if you’re ever unsure about anything, speak to your healthcare professional first and call our Customer Care line at 1-888-733-5874 or visit your local Lush shop to learn more about our products.

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