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Feb 02.12

You've Got Questions, Find Your Answers

Posted In: Tips and Tricks

Have you seen the new Q&A feature on our website? It enables customers to ask questions about each product directly on the product pages, and LUSH staff or other customers can answer them (if you're looking for it, scroll down to Customer Reviews on any product page and click on "Questions and Answers"). Here we've put together some of the most frequently asked questions regarding our Body Lotions and Body Butters, so you can find them all in one place!

Q: "What do you recommend for dry, sensitive skin?

A: Hands down, we recommend Dream Cream. A soothing oat milk base plus lavender, chamomile, tea tree and rose (our "dream team" of essential oils) alleviates redness and calms irritated skin. We've received hundreds of reviews and emails from customers thanking us for this one!

Q: "Are there certain products you would suggest for people suffering from eczema?"

A: We'd certainly recommend Dream Cream again, which has had great reviews from people suffering from eczema, as you'll see in the reviews section on its product page. We'd also recommend Ultrabalm, which consist simply of jojoba oil, rose wax and candelila wax to soften and soothe dry, chapped skin.

Q: "Could you recommend products that are lightly scented or scent-free?"

A: Yes! Ultrabalm, which can be used as a lip balm, on cuticles, heels, elbows and anywhere else that needs hydration, contains no fragrance. You can also try Coco Lotion which is made with coconut and pumpkin seed oils but has no added fragrance, making it suitable for sensitive noses.

Q: "How does Coco Lotion work in terms of brightening? Does the skin look less dull, toned and even after using this daily?"

A: The fresh pineapple, with its AHAs or alpha hydroxyl acids, is what stimulates and clarifies skin. Using fresh fruits like pineapple in our body lotions helps brighten the complexion of dull, tired skin. 

Q: "Does Sympathy for the Skin smell of bananas?"

A: It smells more like a scrumptious banana dessert, as we blend vanilla extract and sandalwood oil into the fragrance.

Q: "Does Buffy Body Butter help with Keratosis Pilaris?"

This answer comes from one of our customers: A: "YES! I mentioned this to my LUSH Salesperson and she actually recommended Buffy *because* of my keratosis. I find that it works better than any other exfoliation or moisturizing product I have ever tried!" By LittleBird

Q: "Do I use Body Butters before or after I shave?"

A: Use Buffy before you shave as exfoliating gets rid of dead skin cells, teases out any ingrown hairs and helps you shave closer and smoother. If you want to moisturize after you shave, use King of Skin. The rich butters and oils will make for silky smooth legs.

Q: "Can you use Body Butters on your face?"

A: We've designed our Body Butters to be used on the body. If you like the idea of using a solid bar on your face, try our serum bar, Full of Grace. Alternatively, if it's exfoliation you're after, try Dark Angels, Angels on Bareskin or Ocean Salt cleansers, which are designed for the delicate skin of the face.